Product Update - Valve
Mar 1, 2012
- Added Bane!
- Added Co-op matchmaking games versus bots.
- Fixed bug with kill credit when illusions get the kill.
- Charge of Darkness and Wrath of Nature no longer alert the target to attack the caster if the target is far away.
- Fixed Mekansm not healing you if it activated right after you come out of Astral Imprisonment.
- Fixed bug with Astral Imprisonment disappearing from invisible units.
- Fixed Essence Aura triggering on zero cooldown spells (like Ball Lightning).
- Fixed being able to trigger Essence Aura with Toss when there are no valid targets to Toss
- Enabled Outworld Destroyer in Captain's Mode.
- Restored previous Blink double click behavior.
- Fixed Courier Speed Burst canceling Transfer Items.

- Fixed dragging an item from the courier to a hero's inventory not combining an item properly.
- Fixed some audio settings are not saving correctly (speech level, background sound, boostgain).
- Selling items no longer factors into gold-per-minute.
- Added an option to autoselect summoned units and illusions to the game settings.
- Fixed bug with camera jumping up and down when moving the mouse in the minimap while in spectator chase cam.
- Fixed bug with moving the camera and creating selection windows while in spectator chase cam.
- Fixed bug with some heroes having their Ultimate fire when ALT-TAB (or Windows key hit).
- Fixed some game interface settings not saving.
- Fixed bug where having legacy selected at load wasn't disabling the hero, courier, and neutral binds.
- Added specular, texture quality, and render quality to video settings as performance trade-offs
- Various improvements to unit selection/targeting feedback
- Increased maximum number of people in each chat channel.
- Accepting a game invite via Steam will join that person's party.
- Ignore/unignore options now shown for friends in the main menu.

- Added a number of aura effects.
- Fixed Tiny's tree not being properly equipped in his stone grip.
- Fixed an issue where hero movement would stutter on some network connections.

- Added rival death-taunts and other miscellaneous lines to flesh out dialog set for Sand King.

- Made bots want to pick up Cheese with the same rules that they use for picking up Aegis and Rapier.
- Improved bot last-hit logic.
- Bots will now deny using the same logic they use for last-hitting.
- Bots now last-hit and deny while farming a lane, just as they do during the laning phase.
- Fixed issues with loadouts of Bane, Kunkka, and Sniper.
- Fixed bugs with bots geting stuck trying to purchase an item, failing to purchase an item, or dumping items on the ground due to a full stash.
- Bots will stop farming just for buyback when they have 1.5x their current buyback cost.
- If a bot's stash is completely full, they are now more likely to pick their stuff up regardless of its value.

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