Product Update - Valve
Nov 21, 2011
Hard Reset 1.21
- Mouse cursor will now disappear when using joypad/controller.
- When a joypad/controller is connected, the currently selected option will become highlighted.
- Joypad/Controller left analog stick is now used for navigating the menus.
- Improved Nvidia 3dVision compatibility with FSAA x2 and FSAA x4.
- ATI Eyefinity support.

Hard Reset 1.2
- New Survival Mode. Two new maps are available: 'Arrival Hall' and 'Landing Pad'.
+ To launch Survival Mode, select 'New Game' and then 'Survival Mode'
+ Survival Mode is available in all the difficulty levels selectable for Hard Reset Campaign.
+ Added Leaderboards for the Survival Mode.
- Full Nvidia 3dVision support.
- Full Nvidia Surround support.
- Support for multiple displays - recommended 3 display adapters for best effects, and several non-standard resolution modes.
+ To select the triple display mode in the game, change the Aspect Ratio to 'Other' in the Video Options menu, then select a resolution you wish to use.
+ Note that the 'Other' mode will be available only if you have 3 displays connected to your PC.
- Added a 'Details' tab in the Profile screen - now you are able to check the score you achieved on each of the game's levels.
- During bullettime, falling down won't cause additional damage to players.
- Changed the way how the Mortar Cyborgs react to player in vicinity.
- Crawling gorillas will explode when trying to jump off a higher place.
- Changed the way how Melee Cyborgs behave - now you are able to avoid their attacks while sprinting - their aoe frontal cone was lowered.
- All the crosshairs will be displayed in an appropriate way to objects in front of the player for 3dVision.
- Changed the way how the messages and hints are displayed to a way more appropriate for 3dVision.
- Changed the way how dynamic lightning is rendered on decals.
- Changed the way how weapons are displayed on screen.
- Changed the way how the HUD is displayed both in 3d and on multiple displays.
- Improved support for dual SLI users.

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