Product Update - Valve
Sep 22, 2011
Unfortunately the recently released patch had a negative impact for some players. This patch is a hot-fix to address those issues.

- A specific issue that caused performance degradation for some DX9 players in the 1.2.630 patch has been fixed.
o We are still evaluating further measures to counter stuttering and plan to have a further update for this in another patch.
- Crashes when examining quest items have been fixed.
- Some issues related to switching between fullscreen and windowed mode have been fixed.
- Additional fixes have been made for the TYM medical card. The current fix should also allow users that already have the problem in their savegame to pick up the card again.
- ‘Russian’ text language option now shows up correctly regardless of current text language.
- An issue that may cause the game to have stability issues on certain RAID setups may have been addressed. Even with this patch, if you have a RAID setup, please ensure you have the latest drivers for your controller.

In addition to stuttering and performance problems we are continuing to investigate any other issues that players may have and will release a full new patch soon that also includes the previously mentioned 3DVision and Surround support.

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