Product Update - Valve
May 23, 2011
Updates to Nation Red have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

  • New single player, coop and local coop map: Oil Platform
  • Improved coop performance and syncing. Projectile fire from bosses and damage from zombies in coop is more accurate.
  • Added in-game text chat. Press 't' to bring up the text console. You can re-bind this key in the options menu. Possible to cross chat from the lobby to players in-game.
  • 7 new coop-only achievements
  • Simplified controller menu navigation to be the same across all game menus and fixed controller related issues.
  • Upgraded the Machete and Baseball zombie to slower but stronger runners.
  • Tweaked gameplay so that fewer bosses appear simultaneously in the first 20 minutes of gameplay while keeping a similar difficulty curve
  • Tweaked ghost stacking perks: Strike Team will deal more damage than Fire Team (even to bosses) so the upgrading path makes sense
  • Add support for NoReload and Rage Unlimited to the MGL
  • Increased the maximum number of perks in Strategic Mode to 20
  • Tweaked Auto-Perk mode so the game auto-selects perks better
  • Further tweak boss armor: Increase armor a little slower and create more automatic adjustment in boss armor for 2,3 or 4 player games (so armor is a bit less with 2 players than with more players)
  • Check 'in-game' notification in Steam lobbies. Doesn't always correctly display the status.
  • Snare in coop games is tweaked: The more players there are, the closer you need to get to an item to 'snare' it. This prevents one player from grabbing too many items.
  • In coop games, health won't be picked up by a player who already has 100% health
  • Players won't be able to pick up the same weapon they are already using. This will help other players to pick these up.
  • Fixed the 'Bouncer' achievement not triggering correctly
  • Fix not able to see Powerup status/countdown bars later on in certain games
  • Fix an issue where controllers need 're-enabling' when restarting/ALT-Tabbing away from the game.
  • Reduce cool down time for sentry guns after they overheat.
  • Fix an issue where players start too close to each-other in coop games.
  • Made local coop game menu setup the same as on-line coop.

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