Product Update - Valve
Dec 14, 2010
Updates to Killing Floor have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted.

  • All new level: Santa’s Evil Lair
  • Added a new difficulty called "Hell on Earth", which is more difficult than Suicidal was
  • All creatures in game replaced with Christmas themed monsters including the Gingerfast and the Nutpound
  • More than double the achievement count with over 130 total achievements
  • 13 new Christmas achievements
  • Unlockable "Baddest Santa" playable character
  • New DLC Character Pack dubbed "London’s Finest"
  • Red or blue Pyro from Team Fortress 2 playable character available to anyone that owns both Team Fortress 2 and Killing Floor

  • Made Suicidal easier to serve be an easier jump from Hard difficulty
  • Fixed Winchester firing from stopping fall damage from taking place
  • Fixed an issue where the teams end of round money could be reduced by sharing money with teammates
  • Fixed melee attacks from the front doing double damage as if they were from the back

General Changes
  • Reduced damage on the Knife by 30% to make the machete more appealing to users wanting to melee early on
  • Removed randomness from Melee weapon strikes
  • Increased Grenade blast radius by 20%
  • Increased Grenade damage by 20%
  • Removed stun effect of Melee attacks from classes that are not Beserker

Berserker Changes
  • Increased Berserker damage resistance by 20%
  • Removed the reduced damage for Chainsaw headshots
  • Increased Chainsaw damage by 16%
  • Gave Katana its auto fire, again.
  • Reduced Katana's fire rate by 10%
  • Decrease Machete weight by 2

Sharpshooter Changes
  • Reduced Crossbow Arrow's headshot multiplier from 8x to 4x
  • Reduced Crossbow's initial ammo to 33% instead of 100%
  • Ammo Pickups give you 6 Crossbow Bolts instead of 8
  • Each Crossbow Bolt costs 3.3 pounds instead of 3 pounds
  • Gave Sharpshooters a discount of up to 33% on Bolts
  • Reduced Crossbow's weight by 1
  • Reduced the M14EBR's fire rate from 0.175 to 0.25
  • Lowered the M14EBR's base damage by 5%
  • Increased M14EBR's head shot multiplier by 12.5%
  • Removed all body shot modifiers from the Sharpshooter
  • Removed reload and recoil bonuses for the 9mm, Dualies, and Dual Handcannons from the Sharpshooter

Demolition Changes
  • Increase the cost of pipebombs – Increased from 800 to 1500 w/o discounts
  • Changed pipebomb discount - Up to 74% at lvl 6
  • Fixed ammo refill on Pipebombs so its half of the price of the weapon
  • Reduced the weight of the LAW by 1
  • Improved Pipebomb pricing discrepancies
  • Increased direct damage on LAW rocket hits by 10%
  • Reduced LAW rocket's damage radius by 15%
  • Arming distance on LAW increased from 6 meters to 10 meters
  • Increased M32 Grenades to cost 10 each to match the M79 Grenade Launcher's
  • Added up to a 30% discount on LAW, LAW rockets, and Launcher Grenades.
  • Reduced LAW rocket amount to 10 for non Demolitions
  • Increased LAW rocket amount to 20 for a level 6 Demolitions

Support Changes
  • Reduced Hunting Shotgun's initial ammo to 25% full instead of 100%
  • Reduced Hunting Shotgun's ammo price by 20%

  • Reduced the Medic run speed bonus by 5% to bring it in line with the Berserker
  • Medic now receives double the amount of money per point of health (.6 from .4)

Firebug Changes
  • Reduced burn damage on the Mac 10
  • Removed the dual weapon spawn bug for the level 6 Firebug

Commando Changes
  • Increased damage on SCAR by 15%

Zed Changes
  • The Fleshpound should now target players more intelligently
  • Fixed the Fleshpound's Rage being based off base weapon damage(without the Perk bonuses include)
  • Scrakes rage at 25% health gone instead of 50% health gone
  • Improved Scrakes rage ability
  • Patriarch's melee attack damages multiple targets in front of him

Changes for Suicidal and "Hell on Earth" ONLY
  • When grabbed by a clot, players can no longer jump to remove the hold
  • Limited Scrakes to only being stunned once
  • Increased Scrake and Fleshpound crossbow headshot resistance to 65%(from 50%)
  • Doubled Fleshpound rage duration

Changes for "Hell on Earth" ONLY
  • Reduced 9mm headshot bonus to +40% from +140%
  • Removed armor from level 6 Berserker's spawn loadout

Weapon Slot Changes
  • Moved Chainsaw to slot 4
  • Moved M32 to slot 4
  • Moved Mac10 to slot 3
  • Moved Pipebombs down in their category

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