Product Update - Valve
Nov 9, 2010
Updates to Counter-Strike: Source Beta have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Source engine changes
  • Added support for raw mouse input. Raw input reads directly from the mouse, bypassing Windows control panel mouse settings. This addresses issues with high DPI mice, and provides for a more reliable controller experience at various resolutions.
  • Improved custom mouse acceleration.
  • Updated mouse configuration UI to support raw input and acceleration; added tooltips to some of the options.
  • Fixed UI tooltips so that they display correctly on first hover

Counter-Strike: Source Beta
  • Updated the multiplayer options UI so that it offers more options for configuring the crosshair.
  • Added option for center dot to crosshair.
  • When dynamic crosshair is disabled, the crosshair is now completely static.
  • Fixed mipmaps for default avatars and made CT and T look more unique
  • Fixed positioning of hud_targetid; it now is correctly visible in wide screen aspect ratios and when spectating
  • Major Test Feature. Added a debug flag for showing the current weapon accuracy spread. This flag (weapon_debug_spread_show) is on by default

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