Client Update - Valve
Jul 1, 2010
A Steam client update is now available. To apply the update, click the File menu inside of Steam and then select "Check for Steam Client Updates...". The specific changes include:

Steam Client
  • Added UI to disable Steam Cloud per-game and per-account.
  • Added an icon in list view for uninstalled games that support cloud.
  • Steam Cloud will now download files for installed games on logon.
  • Fixed Steam Cloud sync failures that occurred because of deleted files.
  • Improve text hit testing in chat windows.
  • Make player names in chat windows clickable, taking you to that user's profile.
  • Fixed tabs in the settings dialog sometimes not drawing correctly.
  • Fixed a regression that prevented steam from automatically validating and repairing damaged game caches on launch.
  • Shortened the delay between launching steam and being offered offline mode in the case of no network connectivity.
  • Fixes the label under the dropdown on the game properties updates page for non-cloud games.
  • Shows the "cloud disabled" icon in list view for games with cloud disabled that are not installed.
  • Fixes players paying mods showing up as "in-game" rather than "in-mod" in the friends window.
  • Fixes the login button in the login dialog becoming enabled when the dialog is dragged after the button is pressed.
  • Improves whitespace detection in chats.
  • Fixes a confusing error message when attempting to back up to a directory that doesn't exist (it would tell you the disk doesn't have enough space).
  • Fixes weirdness with radio buttons when pressing the 'back' key on the backup wizard.
  • Fixes game manuals not opening in an external browser.
  • [OSX] Makes player names in chat windows clickable
  • [OSX] Fixed a class of bugs that could cause steam to hang while shutting down, especially if network settings had changed.
  • [OSX] Fixes tooltip flickering.
  • [OSX] Cmd+Left/Right now go to beginning/end of line.
  • [OSX] Option+Left/Right now go to word boundaries.
  • [OSX] Option+Enter now inserts a newline.
  • [OSX] Fixes some Windows-specific wording about the notification tray in the preferences/settings window.
  • [OSX] Prevents backing up files to the file system root.
  • [OSX] Treats the return key the same as the enter key.

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