Product Update - Valve
Apr 14, 2009
Updates to Braid have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The specific changes include:

Bug Fixes
  • Speed Run achievement was not properly awarded. (It should now be awarded automatically, if you are still playing a saved game that has a good speed run time.)
  • When maximum resolution is less than 1280 horizontal, game crashed on start-up (giving the TODO error or no error)
  • Vertical Sync would sometimes not be enabled
  • On cards that do not support Pixel Shader 2, game runs but gives a black screen, but when you press Escape you can see the menu
  • Game runs very slowly and you wish you could pick a lower resolution so that the game would run faster
  • Can't move the hand on the puzzle screen
  • Graphical junk along the top and bottom of the puzzle screen
  • Crash when using the -language option to switch to a Western language, on an operating system with an Asian locale set

Added features
  • Print Screen key now saves screenshots

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