Product Update - Valve
Jun 16, 2016
* Fixed Phanton Assassin's Coup de Grace visual effect when applied to mechanical targets.
* Fixed a rare case where False Promise, Repel and Borrowed Time may not have prevented damage at the moment they were applied.

Dota Item Workshop:
Created a Valve-only misc slot for Tinker's Immortal Boots so that these can be equipped along with back slot items
Bone limits for Workshop Couriers, Wards and Ability Models that use custom skeletons have been increased to 60 bones
Added Lone Druid's True Form and Dragon Knight's Elder Dragon as officially supported workshop submissions. To function with animation layers and cloth, these need to use Valve's skeleton and animations.
Venomancer and Shadow Shaman ward submissions now need to use Valve's default skeleton and animations in order to function with the new ward aiming code.
Ability Models that have the option to use Valve's default skeleton now have the attach bone names prefilled.
The workshop tool will now generate more accurate hitboxes for ability models that use default skeletons
Corrected the default 'Disabled' animation for the Spirit Bear submission template
Added Undying Golem loadout idle and rare animations with adjusted head angles
Added loadout rare animation to Lone Druid's True Form
Added spawn animation for NP Treants
Added stun and flail animations for Invoker Forged Spirits
Updated workshop hero reference files: Earth Spirit, Medusa, Riki, Faceless Void

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