Product Update - Valve
2016년 2월 17일
Winter Treasure IV & The Shanghai Major Compendium

- Reduced the amount of memory used by the game
- Fixed a rare bug where a game would not show up on the live DotaTV games list, which was caused by restarting a failed-to-load lobby within the DotaTV delay window
- Fixed various bugs with replays being unavailable until client was restarted
- Fixed coaches sometimes inadvertently wagering tokens
- Increase framerate and lower memory usage in the Armory
- Fixed the tournament match popup results sometimes having the hero picks swapped between teams
- Fixed a bug where changing wearables while in hero picker screen would cause the hero to stop animating
- Terrorblade items with appropriate detail masks are now affected by gem and arcana colors and textures
- Adding default ambient effects to Terrorblade weapons
- Added Savage Roar animations to Lone Druid Spirit Bears
- Fixed Timbersaw models to show custom Reactive Armor
- Various courier fixes (hitbox adjustments, "haste" run activity fixes, etc.)
- Jakiro and Ogre Magi voices now pan left and right
- Several ability sfx now become audible to enemies after they emerge from FoW. (like Illusory Orb, Stone Gaze, Ghost Ship, etc)
- Fixed a bug with Glimpse sound that could cause it to be really loud
- Disable Help now prevents Io's Relocate and not Tether
- All player-controlled units (instead of only heroes) now respect Fog of War limitations when pathfinding
- Adjusted the pathfinder to limit excessive backtracking
- Quit confirmation popups no longer stack
- Clinkz's Skeleton Walk and Tusk's Walrus Punch effects no longer play at the caster's last known position when they are in fog of war
- Fixed Arc Warden's Tempest Double health cost being damage rather than a proper hp cost
- Fixed minimap jumping back to the left side of the screen if you change resolutions with minimap set to the right side of the screen

Workshop Tools
- Added support for editing more types of attachment points when submitting items
- Added the ability to set the fog depth on water materials
- Fixed bug where overlays did not work correctly on scaled models
- Enabled workshop default ambient effects model for Terrorblade's weapon
- Made map compile respect smoothing angle and edge hardness between tiles

New Heroes on the Dota Workshop
- Arc Warden
- Shadow Fiend
- Winter Wyvern
- Zeus
- Undying

Workshop Hero Files Updated to Source 2
- Broodmother and Spiderling
- Lina
- Omniknight
- Pugna and Nether Ward
- Sniper

Ability Items Added to the Workshop
- Terrorblade Demon
- Clockwerk Cog

New and Updated Workshop Reference Files can be downloaded at

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