Client Update - Valve
Feb 2, 2016
An update has been released for the Steam Client and will be automatically downloaded.

NOTE: An additional minor update for Windows users was released on March 1 with the following change:

  • Fixed crash on game launch for some older 2D games, including Plants vs. Zombies

  • Restrict chat from users who do not share a friends, game server, or multiuser chat relationship with you
  • Fixed a case where having Steam Cloud sync disabled (either globally or for an App) could cause that App to be told there were no local files found
  • Reduced memory usage of games which integrate Steamworks cloud storage features
  • Improved stability of games which make Steamworks API calls from multiple threads simultaneously

Big Picture
  • When Steam is first launched only show up to 4 notifications for friends that are in a game, otherwise just show a single summary notification
  • Improved performance when displaying a large list of scrollable items

Steam Controller
  • Added per-account Controller Personalization.
  • Added support for Configuration Travelling, Click here for details
  • Added Trigger Mouse Dampening options for soft pull/soft+full pull. Defaults to previous Soft Pull only mode.
  • Added mouse region snapping support for non-mode-shifted mouse regions. Mouse regions can now snap or not-snap to previous position when they're not in use.
  • Overlay Disabled message is now shown in Big Picture game screen when the overlay is disabled.
  • Added New Export Save System. Unifies and simplifies exporting configurations. You can now more easily browse and save Private and Public configurations, including replacing/editing existing configurations.
  • Added Exporting new Configuration Templates for often used configuration defaults.
  • Added Browsing/Importing of all games configurations from any game. Useful for when you made the perfect setup in a sequel or similar game and want to use the same config as a base or verbatim.
  • Publishing a new community configuration now requires you to have played with the configuration for at least an hour.
  • Added additional Touch Menu selection settings to allow selection on Release Click and on Release Touch.
  • Added Trigger Hip Fire Exclusive mode - this mode is a dual stage trigger mode that allows either soft or full pull, but once either is engaged, the other will not engage until the trigger has been released.
  • When exiting Steam, Controller now returns to its default “lizardmode” Mouse/Keyboard state
  • If Steam loses its ability to send input due to UAC/Control-Alt-Del prompts, controller will now attempt to drop into its default state to allow interaction with these dialogs and resume normal configuration once workable state is re-established. The controller will beep when entering/exiting this mode.
  • Fixed bug with joystick not always sending fast taps to the left.
  • Anti-Deadzone now obeys deadzone shape setting. For gyro applications such as Steering Wheel in Racing games, using the cross shaped deadzone will provide expected anti-deadzone behavior.
  • Added better support for non-Steam games and applications that cannot use the Steam Overlay such as browsers, command line tools, emulators, etc.. While these applications won’t currently support some functions such as touchmenus, xinput, and controller HUD functionality, these applications will now be better detected and use their Non-Steam Game configuration when in focus.
  • Shortcuts/Non-Steam games will also attempt to use their designated configuration when launched outside of Steam, provided Steam is running in the background, with the same limitations mentioned above.
  • Fixed legacy bindings on configurations with native controller support not displaying/working outside of the first action set.
  • Fixed a dead zone issue when a trackpad was used in Mouse mode

In-Home Streaming
  • Added support for streaming 5.1 audio from Windows host machines to other Steam Clients and the Steam Link. Click here for more info
  • Fixed a issue causing framerate on the streaming client to be much lower than on the host for GPU-intensive games
  • Added NVIDIA NVFBC encoder as a separate option under Advanced Host Settings in Big Picture mode
  • Added logic to retry any previously-failed encoding methods whenever a new game is launched
  • Added logic to fall back to software encoding when hardware encoding is being unreasonably slow
  • Fixed one-pixel color misalignment in Direct3D 9 games such as Rocket League
  • Significantly improved performance of Intel QuickSync encoding - please note that Intel has released new drivers for most of its GPUs, which are recommended for performance and stability ( )
  • Improved compatibility with Dragon's Lair, Space Age, and other older 2D games
  • Improved stream quality and bitrate usage for games running below 60 fps
  • Improved compatibility with Stronghold Crusader HD and other old DirectDraw titles
  • Adjusted settings for Intel hardware encoding to improve compatibility with 4th and 5th gen Intel CPUs

VR Mode
  • Steam notifications now display in-headset using the work-in-progress SteamVR notification system.
  • Improved support for VR keyboard. Keyboard now positions itself better and selection bugs fixed.
  • Fixed several places where taking an action in the desktop client would cause the VR UI to respond when in VR mode.

  • Fixed validating local content with some filesystems
  • Fixed a hang when starting "CrossCode" and other Chrome-based applications from Steam

  • Added UI for pairing Bluetooth devices

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