Product Update - Valve
Oct 29, 2015
- Added a list of games with open lobbies to custom games overview page
- Added a Game Of The Day to custom games overview page
- Added a new tickets area on Player Profiles
- Added support for offline solo play
- Added Downloads section to the Watch tab that lets you view, rename, delete, and browse the replays that you've downloaded
- Added a new matchmaking region in Tokyo with additional connectivity to Taiwan and Korea
- Added the ability in the Tournament Details popup to expand a tournament series and, for each game in the series, go to the match details as well as see the heroes played and duration of the match
- Fixed bug where loss of Steam or game coordinator connectivity would prevent reconnection to the game server
- Custom Games: Added over 800 new voice lines to the Default Announcer for Custom Games to use
- Low Priority games now use Single Draft rather than All Random
- The Owned Item Details page now allows you to purchase chisels and hammers when you try to add sockets or remove gems
- The Owned Item Details page now allows you to change item name or description, as well as clear gifting information. You no longer may change this information from the armory.
- Bundles now show 'Preview Full Set' in their armory context menus
- 6.85b: Scepter Doom no longer increases damage
- 6.85b: Scorched Earth damage and heal reduced from 12/24/36/48 to 12/23/34/45
- 6.85b: Scorched Earth cooldown rescaled from 60/55/50/45 to 55
- 6.85b: Spiderlings Poison Sting slow reduced from 12% to 8%
- 6.85b: The main client will be updated with the 6.85b changes after the conclusion of the Nanyang tournament
- Fixed Brewmaster not facing the direction of the Brewling he reappears in at the end of Primal Split.
- Fixed Sanity's Eclipse draining Current Mana rather than Max mana
- Replaced dota_unit_allow_moveto_direction with +dota_unit_movetodirection which can now be bound to a key
- Fixed various cases where error models would appear
- Fixed Armory UI crashes on low end machines
- Fixed a bug that could cause visual effects to look incorrect due to a sorting issue with particles
- Added ability to equip and unequip items to the Owned Item Details page
- Fixed Night Stalker's Black Nihility's particles disappearing when the day/night cycle changed
- Fixed portrait for Terrorblade Form of Eternal Purgatory demon
- Reduced rendertarget memory usage on low-end video configs
- Reduced steady-state memory usage on all configs
- Fixed announcers in custom games
- SFM: character picker now allows customizing individual items in addition to item sets
- SFM: fixed phoneme extraction
- Custom Games: Added Entities:GetPhysicalArmorValue(), Entities:GetBonusPhysicalArmor() and Entities:GetMagicalArmorValue().
- Custom Games: Fixed bug where scaleform ultimate pips could draw behind a panorama-only topbar
- Custom Games: Added support for suppressing the endgame scaleform chat: DotaDefaultUIElement_t.DOTA_DEFAULT_UI_ENDGAME_CHAT
- Custom Games: Added .ColorBlindModeEnabled style on dota root panels when colorblind mode is enabled
- Workshop Importer: Added Exorcism Ghost and Spirit Bear templates
- Workshop Importer: Fixed crash when importing loading screens
- Workshop Importer: Portrait editor now previews the correct portrait animation and allows any animation to be selected for preview.
- Fixed a bug where previewing the Ribbi'tar would not show the the Ward properly
- Fixed various minor bugs when using preview full set
- Fixed a bug where taunt sounds of the loadout screen could sometimes still be heard in-game
- The Owned Item Details page no longer scrolls to the top when you change the item in any way
- Fixed some bugs with Team creation level requirement
- Fixed a bug where the socketing section of Owned Item Details page was visible even on items that were not socketable
- Charge counts for limited use items like chisels or hammers is now displayed on their tooltip
- Loading screens for non-custom games now display tips. You can turn off this behavior in the Options menu.
- Fixed hitboxes for Padda'pon of Ribbi'tar
- Fixed style naming for Vengeful Spirit Fallen Spirit Head items
- Fixed mesh intersection for Templar Assassin Onyx Lotus legs
- Fixed hitboxes for Nature's Prophet's "Evergreen Stalker" treants
- Fixed a rendering crash when recompiling a model in tools mode
- Fixed a bug with skins not being set properly on dynamic_props
- Added beta support for Direct3D9Ex (reduces memory usage and improves alt-tab experience, requires Windows Vista or higher, may not work well with all video drivers; we are currently beta testing this feature, use the launch option –d3d9ex to enable and please report bugs)

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