Product Update - Valve
Nov 5, 2014
- Match Ready dialog now works when in a bot match.
- Fixed effects attached to Whale Blade, Kantusa and several other items not always drawing properly
- Improved network performance with various muli-target attacks (like Cleave)
- Various Phantom Assassin ambient weapon effects have been fixed.
- Fixed a bug that could cause low end settings to not display effects properly
- Wards with auras such as Juggernaut’s healing ward, Tusk’s Sigil, Pugna’s Netherward, etc. will now properly stop ambient effects when they expire or are killed.
- Fixed Phoenix not being pickable in CD
- Various pathing fixes
- Enabled creation of local lobbies with 5v5 bots
- Fixed hero guide submission.
- Fixed a bug with the Terrorblade Arcana where the portrait colors would be wrong after respawning.
- Fixed a bug with the Terrorblade Arcana where Terrorblade would lose his wings after respawning in some cases, such as after swapping from a player who didn't own the arcana.
- Fixed a bug that caused customized particle effects spawned by animations, like Juggernaut's critical hit, to only show the default.

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