Product Update - Valve
Sep 26
An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Fixed some stability issues
  • Fixed being able to equip conflicting cosmetic items using +quickswitch
  • Fixed precached particles not being deleted across map changes
  • Fixed some hats with drop_type "drop" not being dropped in the world
  • Fixed headshot animations sometimes playing at map origin
  • Fixed missing polygon on Pyro's finger
  • Fixed clipped text in the Mann vs. Machine loot list screen
  • Fixed missing BLU skin for The Sydney Sleeper
  • Fixed some attribute descriptions being cut off in the Item Pickup dialog
  • Fixed duplicate reload sound entries in the tf_weapon_flaregun_revenge weapon script
  • Fixed players not igniting after being shot when the map has applied the TF_COND_GAS condition
  • Fixed not preserving the player's current angles when the map has applied the TF_COND_HALLOWEEN_KART condition
  • Fixed missing variables in the Canteen Crasher tournament medals. This does not affect previous versions of those medals.
  • Updated func_nobuild entity with a new setting to support destroying buildings within its perimeter when activated
  • Updated player entity with SetCustomModelWithClassAnimations input to set a custom player model that uses the class animations
  • Updated the tf_logic_cp_timer entity so it can also be used for team RED
  • Updated/Added some tournament medals
  • Updated the localization files
  • Updated the Hazard Headgear
    • Fixed using the wrong lightwarp
    • Updated the backpack image to match the item
  • Updated the Fizzy Pharmacist
    • Moved the soda bottle to the other side of the Medic to fix clipping problems
    • Fixed the second style not hiding the bottle
  • Updated pl_upward
    • Fixed exploit that allowed buildings to be built in an area that is later shut off from both teams
  • Updated cp_snakewater_final1
    • Minor visual, clipping/blockbullet, and detailing fixes
    • Fixed alignment issues
    • Fixed some mirroring issues
    • Updated mid slightly to make it more mirrored
    • Increased wall heights on mid to allow more jumps
    • Updated last spawn room to reduce the randomness of spawnpoints
    • Slightly increased cap time on last to account for longer travel time to the point
    • Speculative changes to fix some "wallbug" issues
    • Added Competitive mode stage

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