Client Update - Valve
Jul 2, 2014
An update has been released for the Steam Client and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Fixed in-game overlay sometimes not activating on first hot-key press after game launch
  • Games can be preloaded to any available Steam Library folder
  • Fixed downloading games in development
  • Fixed some cases where Steam wasn't asking the user if they wanted to let the game update when re-launching after a game crash
  • Fix "Recently Played" list generation
  • Removed defunct “Media” filter from the library filter menu
  • Added Tools to the Installed and Recently Played library lists
  • Fixed a bug in the in-game overlay which could lead to a game crash in ShellExecute calls with unexpected parameters
  • Changed in-game overlay to prefer first created and still in-use swapchain and avoid presenting on multiple swapchains at once
  • Fixed memory issue and crash when voice API's were sent corrupt data, thanks to Luigi Auriemma from Revuln for the report
  • Fix buffer overflow from malformed voice packets
  • Fixed installing games with very large files from retail disc

Big Picture
  • Added new library section for browsing and managing user screenshots
  • Decreased sensitivity of trigger buttons for fast paging in library all games view
  • Decreased sensitivity of analog triggers for mode switches in daisywheel text input
  • Fixed hotkeys involving ctrl/alt/shift modifies not functioning in the in-game overlay as intended
  • Windows: Ensure that we try to forcefully take window focus back on game exit, which deals with some cases where games with launchers could lead windows to restore focus to a random non-Steam window
  • Windows: Performance improvements for the in-game overlay in D3D9ex, D3D10, D3D10.1, and D3D11 game
  • Fix a case where the system context menu for the Big Picture window could be activated on game exit and input would then go to it rather than Big Picture
  • Fix the Remove Friend and Block All Communication buttons in the Profile actions section to function
  • Fix a rare crash during login inside of Big Picture if Steam is set to start up in Big Picture mode

In-Home Streaming
  • Worked around a crash in the latest NVIDIA driver (337.88)
  • Implemented brightness controls for games like Dark Souls II and Thief
  • You can toggle windowed mode on the client with Alt-Enter and resize the streaming window
  • Desktop shortcuts will stream games if they are currently available for streaming
  • Added 2’ streaming EULA dialog so you don’t have to go to the remote computer to accept it after installing a game
  • Fixed the menu bar showing on the client on Mac OS X 10.6
  • Worked around NVIDIA driver crash when streaming games from laptops with NVIDIA GPUs
  • Fixed the escape key canceling fullscreen mode on Mac OS X
  • Fixed window size when leaving fullscreen mode on Mac OS X
  • Streaming uses UDP ports 27031 and 27036 and TCP ports 27036 and 27037
  • Implemented streaming controller support for games using the Unity engine
  • Fixed black screen with some launchers when using the Windows 7 Basic theme
  • Fixed "The streaming client exited unexpectedly (2)" in some cases where D3D9 and OpenGL aren’t available
  • Added support for XInput based arcade sticks and wheels on Windows clients
  • Added support for NVIDIA hardware encoding for D3D fullscreen games on GeForce 650+ cards and the latest beta NVIDIA driver (340.43)
  • Enabled fast desktop capture on Optimus laptops with the latest beta NVIDIA driver

  • Fixed a crash affecting some users running OS X Mavericks
  • Fixed crash plugging and unplugging a game controller
  • Fixed incorrectly ellipsizing strings in labels

Virtual Reality
  • Added support for VR mode on Linux
  • Added support for VR mode on OSX

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