Client Update - Valve
May 21, 2014
An update has been released for the Steam Client and will be automatically downloaded.

In-Home Streaming

  • Fix handling of corrupt data during downloads
  • Fixed several small memory leaks in the Steam client
  • Fixed a rare crash on workshop image update inside the library details view
  • DLC can now be disabled in the DLC properties page for a game

  • Fixed a case where Steam could be seen as a voice application on startup and Windows would lower sound of other applications

  • Fixed some AppVerifier errors/warnings caused by Steam that could make it hard for games to use AppVerifier to verify the rest of their code

Big Picture
  • Added new profile section to the main menu replace the old community section. This brings Big Picture more up-to-date in terms of design and features with desktop/web community and adds better activity feed and profile views.
  • Default all games filter to "On Platform" rather than "All Games" if you are not on Windows.
  • Fix just scrolling by any friend in the Big Picture friends list who has chat history causing the desktop chat for the same friend to open
  • Change pending friends invitations to collapse into a single friends list entry if there are more than 5 in total
  • Fix Web/Friends footer buttons not showing in some cases where they were functional and should be shown in the footer
  • Fix a case where after accepting a friend invite on the web it’s state in Big Pictures friends list would only be partially updated and it would still indicate it was an invite
  • Improved Big Picture movie audio / video synchronization along with some general video playback improvements.
  • Improved performance in some cases with the Big Picture window out-of-focus/in-game. The biggest gain here is on Linux, but all platforms should see some benefit.
  • Fixed focus when entering the quit menu sometimes not being on the first item
  • Fixed Steamworks games that utilize the Daisy Wheel for text entry in Big Picture not showing it successfully if they were launched via a launcher or other multi-process scenario
  • Improved movie playback support and support for animated gifs
  • Adding of non-Steam games is now directly supported in Big Picture
  • Non-Steam games now show icon art when available and when no custom art has been set in Big Picture
  • Fixed a bug where screenshot/out-of-focus mode could kick in when Big Picture had focus if you transitioned into it while already running a game
  • Fixed a bug where focus may end up in an unexpected place if the button currently in focus is deleted from the UI

Mac OS X
  • When creating desktop shortcuts make the helper shell script only writable by the local user (reported by Ilja van Sprundel from IOActive)

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