Client Update - Valve
Jan 7, 2014
A new Steam Client update has been released and will be automatically downloaded. The specific changes are listed below.

  • Introducing Steam Family Options , a new way for parents and families to establish access to the Steam features and content they choose.
  • Added global setting to allow downloads during gameplay, and change the per-app settings to be global/allow/deny.
  • Added UI for Family Sharing to specify which accounts may play games on authorized computers
  • Add disk-activity indicator to downloads page, will light up if updates are slowed because Steam is waiting for the local disk to write data
  • Simplify application name displayed for Steam executable in Windows firewall and crash dialogs
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when quitting the Steam Client
  • Fixed canceled recurring subscriptions to remain valid until expired
  • Fixed current download rate display when downloads are paused/stopped
  • Fixed regression with downloading optional DLC while the app is running
  • Fixed crash in game backup code if a user didn't own a mounted depot
  • Fixed estimated download-time staying blank in the Downloads page
  • Fixes for Asian text input in the Steam overlay affecting the input state of the game

Big Picture
  • Add control of per-game update settings under "Links and More" in the Library
  • Fixed download progress indicator to correctly start at 0%, not 100%
  • Fixed smooth scrolling in some panels to not jitter backwards before continuing to correct scroll offset
  • Fixed Steam Controller bindings left browse column to scroll correctly as focus moves off screen
  • Most notification toasts should now respond to pressing the guide button or clicking on the notification
  • Modal dialogs should now close when clicking outside of the dialog
  • Fix estimated download time remaining string getting cut off

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