Client Update - Valve
Jul 8, 2013
A new Steam Client update has been released and will be automatically downloaded. The specific changes are listed below.

  • Added a confirmation dialog when launching a game via a steam URL with optional command line parameters, so the user can be sure the game is launching with the options they want
  • Added a "friendly machine name" when Steam-Guarding an account
  • Changed data format of client updates to improve compatibility with flawed proxy servers
  • During login, if Steam can't be reached and the user has entered a username we've never seen before, pop a dialog and ask them to login again
  • When returning to the login dialog and we've cleared the username field, put the keyboard focus on the empty username box instead of the password box
  • Updated Web controls user-agent to better reflect the code it is based off
  • Updated to Simple DirectMedia Layer 2.0 Release Candidate
  • Fixed failing to update a game properly if an unexpected folder exists in the install directory for a game and we want to replace it with a new file
  • Fixed green inbox count not always including the count of offline messages available
  • Fixed selecting ‘X unread chat messages’ to always bring the newly opened chat dialog into focus
  • Fixed memory leak when an update for Steam was pending
  • Fixed uploading some large files to the Steam Cloud
  • Fixed memory leak when hovering URLs in the HTML control
  • Fixed workshop items not clearing from the download status label when completed
  • Fixed crash when getting lots of friends updates and you have a large friends list
  • Fixed password reset error when sending trade requests also causing the new device message to display
  • Fixed crash on launch for some third party DRM protected games under Windows

  • Added support for 64-bit Linux titles
  • Fixed finding Steam client skins on Linux
  • Fixed crash looking at community images on Linux
  • Fixed Linux Steam overlay not restoring the proper mouse cursor in certain situations
  • Fixed resource leak on game exit leading to graphics corruption on Linux

Big Picture
  • Add support in big picture mode for Brazilian payment methods
  • Change the action icon on the games page in the library to be a download icon when a game is updating
  • The play button on a games library page is now disabled if the game is not available on your platform
  • Fixed being unable to launch some games after a download is complete
  • Fixed focus issue with the startup UI when the intro movie terminates early
  • Fixed updating background images in the library details view even when not visible while a game is running
  • Fixed potential crash in library details if a game has guides available and you quickly enter and exit the details view

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