Client Update - Valve
A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Fixed closing the overlay web browser after adding funds for an in-game transaction.
  • Added support for in-game transactions in VR, and fixed an issue preventing in-game transactions when Family View is enabled.
  • Fixed certain Big Picture web browser controller actions that were no longer functioning.
  • Fixed issues with mouse cursor and scroll controller actions in Big Picture chat.
  • Correct an uncommon navigation issue in the dashboard view for SteamVR users.

In-Home Streaming
  • Improved connection reliability when starting a stream.
  • Fixed network test occasionally failing immediately.

  • Fixed “content servers unreachable” errors when downloading or updating games on older versions of macOS.
Client Update - Valve
A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

This update has been re-released on November 12th with the following additional fixes
  • Fixed a regression in the initial release of this client causing zoomed HTML views for some users on certain Windows versions and high DPI configurations
  • Fixed a regression causing games to crash on launch for users running macOS versions 10.7-10.10
  • Fixed a case where the friends list position in the in-game overlay was not correctly saved

  • Fixed friends chat and other UI being visible when authorizing an in-game mictransaction

New Steam Chat
  • Unread messages or active voice chats will now update your Steam tray/taskbar icons to indicate these states
  • When displaying a Steam store link in a chat window, extra information about the game, such as screenshots, video and price, are now displayed in the chat history

  • Significantly improved performance and decreased memory usage for HTML based UI (Store, Community, etc) in the main Steam desktop window

Steam Input
  • Added the ability to change controller type in the “Define Layout” screen. This only affects the glyphs and configurations recommended for the device and the limits of whatever low-level API the controller is read through still apply. For example if a PS4 controller is currently treated as an Xbox controller because of a driver or non-Steam Input remapping software presenting the device over Xinput reclassifying it to a PS4 controller will only correct the glyphs and the gyro/trackpad will not work.
  • Fixed an issue with devices with digital triggers and buttons bound to trigger outputs
  • Added Steam Input per-game settings to the desktop client’s game properties page.

In-Home Streaming
  • Streaming from Mac OS X Mojave is currently disabled

Big Picture Mode
  • Added the new chat functionality to Big Picture Mode. If you’re using a custom Big Picture Mode controller configuration please update to the new recommended configuration under Settings->Base Configurations->Big Picture Mode. Hit X/Square to browse configurations and apply the recommended configuration.
  • Added "Invite to Game" action to Big Picture chat
  • Chat scaling is now done automatically based on whether Big Picture is running on a large monitor (>40" diagonal) or running in VR with the option to override regular and VR scaling settings individually
  • Default chat controller bindings for Steam Controller/Xbox are:
    • Left Trackpad/Stick: Scroll the UI, press to show/hide the friends list
    • Long press of joystick/D-pad press:
      • Up: Invite currently selected chat friend to game
      • Down: Close the current chat tab
      • Left/Right: Switch between chat tabs
    • Right Trackpad/Stick: Mouse cursor, press to show/hide the on-screen keyboard
    • X: Accept game invite from friend
    • Y: Start/end voice chat
    • B: Exit chat panel
    • A: Select item under cursor
    • Start: Submit entered text
    • Back: Open emoticon list
    • Left Bumper: Switch to web browser
    • Right Bumper: Return to main menu
    • Left Trigger: Open context menu under cursor
    • Right Trigger: Click/double click at cursor

  • The VR overlay keyboard is now opened when the Show Keyboard button is activated
  • Added a Back button to the left of the Show Keyboard button that shows while running in VR
Client Update - Valve
A new steam client has been released and is being automatically downloaded.

This update has been re-released on October 12th with a crash workaround for the AMD driver on Windows.

  • Updated embedded Chromium version in Steam to Chromium 68
  • Added Vietnamese and Latin American Spanish as Steam client UI languages
  • Allow language selection before game install if current Steam UI language isn’t supported

New Steam Chat
  • Added ability to test your microphone in Friends Voice settings dialog
  • Added support for mute on/off toggle hot-key setting when using Open Mic voice transmission mode
  • Don’t try to start chat or open the friends list if Steam is started in offline mode
  • Chat tabs are now scrollable using the mouse wheel
  • Fixed a bug where if you are offline for Friends & Chat clicking Friends & Chat in the overlay would activate the desktop friends window
  • Fixed a bug causing duplicate sounds for friends coming online or going in-game

Steam Link
  • You can play local co-op by streaming to multiple devices simultaneously (high quality 5 GHz WiFi network required)
  • You can use your Android phone as a touch controller for games by tapping to disable audio and video in the Steam Link app
  • Fixed stopping streaming from the in-game Big Picture overlay
  • The streaming protocol now uses UDP ports 27031-27036

Big Picture
  • Fixed loading custom controller layouts from the Big Picture Mode “Define Layout” screen
  • Fixed displaying numbers in the Family View PIN entry screen
  • Fixed using controllers and keyboards on the Manage DLC screen
  • Prevent exit of Big Picture Mode while games using its overlay for controller support, friends list integration, or other Steamworks API features are running

Steam Input
  • Added the ability to switch controller order for XInput controllers in the in-game Big Picture overlay
  • Fixed intermittent crash occurring when controllers are rapidly connected and disconnected
  • Fix an issue with Generic Gamepads that have digital triggers where the trigger could get stuck on
  • Fix an issue with Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers that could cause loss of input while rumbling
  • Fix an issue where applying a configuration in the in-game overlay would open in the main Big Picture window instead of the overlay
  • Fix an issue on Linux that could cause gamepad emulation to break when using Steam Input for generic gamepads
  • Fix previewing configurations for non-Steam Games. Note - you will still not be able to apply the configuration unless you have a matching shortcut in your library.
  • Fix some cases where inputs would be misaligned when previewing configurations
  • Fix some 3rd party PS4 controllers showing up as having low batteries when connected over USB
  • Fix an initialization issue with the Nintendo Switch Pro controller over USB

  • Fixed a Steam Cloud save issue with DOOM (2016) preventing specific files from getting properly saved
  • Fixed install scripts for Steam Play games sometimes not properly running after using Big Picture mode
  • Fixed missing DLC for some Steam Play games
Client Update - Valve
A new steam client has been released and is being automatically downloaded.

New Steam Chat
  • Decreased resource usage when chat windows are open in the in-game overlay but overlay is hidden
  • Reduced strength of window snapping while moving chat windows along a monitor or taskbar edge on Windows to reduce feeling of the window being stuck to the edge
  • Fixed missing tool-tips for users on 64bit versions of Windows
  • Fixed "Cannot read property 'scrollHeight' of undefined" error
  • Fixed images sometimes displaying bbcode ("[img url=...]") instead of the actual image

  • Fixed multiple issues in Steam window handling where the Steam window would be position partially offscreen when changing DPI settings or modifying the location or size of the taskbar in Windows while the Steam window is maximized
  • Fixed some cases of Steam failing to recognize that enough disk space is available for installs done on macOS

Big Picture Mode
  • Fixed a bug where Big Picture Mode could get stuck consuming excess CPU

In-game Overlay
  • Fixed a crash in Vulkan applications when GPU device memory is full
  • Fixed a crash in DX12 multi-GPU applications on Windows 10 Redstone 5 (RS5)
  • Fixed incorrect rendering for OpenGL applications in Big Picture Mode on Windows

Steam Input
  • Fixed a bug where quitting a game with the desktop overlay with the configurator running could open a unresponsive full screen window
  • Fixed Xbox controller bindings being incorrect after plugging in a PS4 controller
  • Added support for the Razer Panthera Arcade Stick
  • Fixed rumble and lightbar colors on Bluetooth PS4 controllers connected to Linux or Steam Link
  • Fixed Xbox controllers on macOS
  • Fixed a bug where 8BitDo controllers in Switch Pro mode would temporarily become unresponsive when switching between controller configurations

Steam Link
  • Added the ability to set icons for touch control bindings
Client Update - Valve
A new steam client has been released and is being automatically downloaded.

Update: In order to address an issue with the initial build of this release it was released a second time. If you updated quickly after the first update you may see a second update for this release.

  • Windows users on 64bit operating systems now get a 64bit steamwebhelper.exe process
  • Fixed one case where the built-in browser could crash during initialization or video playback
  • Fixed some cases users would not auto-login to Steam web pages inside the Steam Client
  • Fixed cases where text was blurry in web/chat/friends windows for users with nVidia FXAA forced on for Steam or system wide
  • Fixed Steam UI freezing when system accent color is changed on Windows
  • Fixed querying for available disk space in macOS when running on an APFS filesystem
  • Fixed Steam shortcut handling when using non-US keyboard layouts on macOS
  • Ensure DRM support is available on playback of a Steam Video after first launch of a new Steam client install

New Steam Chat
  • Fix for a bug where receiving a new message from a user who you don’t have a chat window open with could undo cursor/mouse locking to the game window in some games. The game didn’t actually lose focus, but your mouse might suddenly move out of the game window and cause you to click on another app or a second monitor and then change focus when this would occur.
  • Fixed some cases the friends list or chat dialogs would take focus on startup, after a crash, or after a reload in an unintended manner
  • Fixed the friends list showing when Steam was launched from a games desktop shortcut that should not show Steam related UI
  • Fixed users with certain sound cards or audio drivers on Windows sounding staticky or stuttery after a little while in Voice Chat
  • Fixed several cases of steamwebhelper.exe related crashes
  • Rich presence features (View Game Info, Join Game, Launch Game) now work on macOS and Linux
  • Added Command-Left/Right text entry shortcuts and Command-[Shift]-Z undo/redo shortcuts on macOS
  • Invite to Watch now appears in friends’ context menus when the user is running a non-Steam game
  • Fixed old chat UI appearing in the overlay when trying to chat from inside a game (like /w in Dota)
  • Fixed clicking on an achievement notification bringing up the old friends list UI
  • Outgoing friend invitations are now shown in the invitations tab on the friends list
  • Fixed taskbar jumplist entries for Online, Away, and Invisible not working if the user was in offline mode.

Steam Input
  • Improved automatic gyro drift compensation, it should now correct actual drift quickly but also be much less likely to erroneously correct desired user movement
  • Prevent Switch controllers already connected over Bluetooth from double connecting over USB and auto-disconnect USB connection if controller is connected over Bluetooth
  • Fixed jumpy gyro mouse movement for Switch controllers
  • Fixed phantom Xbox 360 controller on Mac OS X
  • Fixed a bug where dismissing the on-screen keyboard on the desktop would snap focus onto the Steam client window

Steam Link

Big Picture
  • Fixed Big Picture mode closing when a game launcher exited during an NVIDIA GameStream session
  • Cancel Steam Link authorization if Big Picture is closed without responding to the dialog
  • Fix missing strings in settings dialog for 1440p and 2160p streaming resolution
  • Fixed a problem where the "Login" button in Big Picture would be unresponsive in some situations

  • Added preliminary support for the new Steam Play Beta; refer to this announcement for more information
Client Update - Valve
A new steam client has been released and is being automatically downloaded.

  • Added support for shipping different binaries to 64bit vs 32bit operating systems in Steam self-updater. This support is being added in preparation for future updates.

Steam Link
  • Fixed doubled PS4 controller input from Steam Link hardware

Client Update - Valve
A new steam client has been released and is being automatically downloaded.

Update: In order to address an issue with the initial build of this release it was released a second time an hour after the initial update. If you updated quickly after the first update you may see a second update for this release.

Friends & Chat
  • Fixed displaying invisible persona state in the top right of Steam Client’s main window. Previously displayed online or in-game even though, to other users, the client was offline.
  • Added 'Do Not Disturb' mode. When selected, the user will receive no notifications from friends or groups, incoming chat messages will not open new chat windows or play an incoming message sound.
  • Added 'Offline' as a selectable status. This will log the user's client out of Steam Friends and the user will appear as offline to their friends.
  • Added the option to not automatically log into Steam Friends at Steam Client startup.
  • Fix for inadvertently opening the friends list at client start even though it was previously closed when Steam was shutdown.
  • “Remember my open chats” setting no longer applies when Steam loads at machine start
  • Updated the Windows taskbar online status options to match the new chat options
  • In-Game voice settings, which only impact a handful of Steamworks games using old Steam Voice APIs, are now only shown in the overlay for games that use them, to avoid confusion with new chat voice settings. Find friends and chat voice settings from the gear icon in the top right of the Friends List.
  • Users who are not using new friends chat will not see the option to initiate voice chats in one-on-one chats, the old voice chat system is no longer available.
  • Fixed “Friends & Chat” button not opening anything when Big Picture mode or SteamVR was active.

  • Warn users when certain Windows compatibility mode flags are set on the Steam executable, and disable GPU accelerated rendering in web views by default if the user continues to run with those flags.
  • Fixed a bug where Steam could try to open “about:blank” in your system browser leading to a confusing “what do you want to open this with?” dialog.

  • Fixed incorrect version of SDL included in last release that was preventing some games from starting properly.

  • Fixed validation errors with Direct3D 12 applications on Windows

Steam Input
  • Fix an issue with updating firmware on the Steam Controller Dongle.
  • Re-enable PS4/Switch Pro Controllers as generic controllers (no gyro/touchpad) when connected to a Steam Link App device that doesn’t allow full featured support.
  • Disable anti-drift correction updates if a controller has had a successful software calibration performed.
Client Update - Valve
A new steam client has been released and is being automatically downloaded.

  • Added new friends list, chat and voice chat features
  • Added icon and optional balloon for announcing new Steam Features and Blog Updates
  • Added banner announcing future end of support for Windows XP and Vista
  • Enabled GPU acceleration in web views by default
  • Added option to disable GPU acceleration in web views in Settings->Interface
  • Added support for binding F13-F24 as hotkey buttons
  • Improved IME handling for web pages shown in Steam client and Steam overlay

  • Updated window style to match version of macOS Steam is running on
  • Fixed Steam overlay not displaying in certain games
  • Added support for binding ‘=', Clear and mouse buttons as hotkey buttons
  • Corrects streaming blank video to Steam Link.
  • Improved rendering speed of Steam windows
  • Fixed streaming from multi-monitor systems where the window being streamed is located on a secondary monitor

  • Added the ability to import Windows icons for games with no Linux icons; will only take effect after reinstalling the game and recreating the desktop and launcher shortcuts
  • Fixed an issue where the system might become temporarily unresponsive after exiting the client due to events accruing in the window system
  • Updated Steam Linux Runtime with the latest versions of the SDL libraries
  • Fixed a problem where the screensaver would always be disabled if Steam was running
  • Fixed an issue where Steam could crash when running Steamworks-enabled games, or where Steamworks functionality wouldn't work properly in the game.
  • Fixed an issue where CS:GO and Dota 2 matchmaking would not function properly.

Steam Input
  • Added support for PS3 Controllers as a separate controller type. Does not include support for the DS3 gyro or analog face buttons. If you’re using a DS3 on Windows you’ll have to obtain the Sony driver through PlayStation Now. Note: counterfeit Dualshock 3 Controllers will not work through this driver.
  • Added a controller type drop down menu to the “Define Layout” screen for uploading user provided layouts of unrecognized controllers. If your controller is currently being treated as generic controller, but is actually a PlayStation, Nintendo, or retro controller you can upload your layouts and help us improve support for your device.
  • Added support for limited dynamic calibration of Switch Pro controller joysticks
  • Added support for wired USB controllers connected to the Steam Link Android app
  • Added support for over 100 new generic gamepads, 40 PS3 controllers, and 15 Xbox controllers
  • Added support for the HoriPad Mini4, Level Up Cobra, Mad Catz FightStick TE 2, and Mad Catz FightStick TE 2+ PS4 Controllers
  • Added support for the HORI Pokken Tournament DX Pro Switch Controller
  • Enabled software calibration and automatic drift correction of gyro for all PS4 controllers
  • Added the ability to send left/right shift as separate keys on Windows
  • Added the ability to revert locally defined layouts in the "Define Layout" menu
  • Changed the “Define Layout” screen to allow NES controllers and other controllers without X and Y buttons to define layouts.
Client Update - Valve
A new steam client has been released and is being automatically downloaded.

June 8th: This update has been re-released with additional fixes to Steam Link and controller functionality on macOS.

  • Fixed back/forward buttons in the main steam window and all web views

  • Fixed launch focus issues with some fullscreen games on Windows build 1803

Steam Input
  • Fixed a case on macOS where the focused game window would not be detected. Note: for some games you may start getting the recommended configuration instead of the desktop configuration. Not all games on macOS support Steam Input gamepads so if your controller stops working please try changing your configuration to mouse/kb.
  • Added a new Steam Controller Bluetooth firmware image. A second Bluetooth pairing slot and been added and the startup gestures for switching slots in both Bluetooth and Wireless Receiver modes have been simplified. To swap which device you want to connect to use Steam+Back in Wireless Receiver Mode and Steam+Start in Bluetooth mode. To obtain the FW update you’ll need to plug into usb and follow the same process as with the previous release.
  • Momentum velocity has been tweaked to be more accurate and decelerate more smoothly
  • Fixed a bug which could cause the right stick to lose input on certain controller types in native Steam Input applications (such as camera controls in Prey)
  • Fixed an issue with PS4 controllers that caused them to stop working with DirectInput after a few minutes
  • Additional fixes for opted out PS4 Controllers
  • Fixed Nintendo Switch Pro Controller detection and initialization on Windows 7
  • Added note to Switch configuration description clarifying possible issues with using controllers outside of Steam
  • Improved Switch Pro functionality in Big Picture when Switch configuration support is disabled
  • Fixed incorrect controller slot LED being lit on Switch Pro controller when plugging in to USB while already connected via Bluetooth

In-Home Streaming
  • Fixed black screen when hardware encoding with iGPU and streaming to Android devices
  • Fixed wireless Steam Controllers showing up as unknown controllers in Big Picture
  • Fixed bad input and disconnects from Switch Pro controllers connected via Steam Link - vibration was causing disconnects and has been temporarily disabled.
Client Update - Valve
A new steam client has been released and is being automatically downloaded.

Update: This client was released again on May 18 to address some issues with controller input.

  • Updated internal web views to Chromium v65.0.3325.181
  • Improved responsiveness of the Steam client window when navigating the Library pane
  • Fixed some cases where friend tags could disappear until a client restart
  • Fixed several crash bugs found via automated crash reporting

Big Picture
  • Fixed an issue where multiple button presses were required to back out of a Settings page
  • Fixed the clock bug which caused the time to appear truncated on som...

In-Game Overlay
  • Fixed an issue which caused the web browser to stop working in certain games
  • Fixed screenshots for games built with Unreal Engine 4 in OpenGL mode
  • Fixed some OpenGL API errors triggered by the Steam In-Game Overlay
  • Fixed a crash in some Vulkan apps when hiding the overlay or resizing windows

Steam Input
  • Enabled the Steam Controller BLE FW Update, for more information visit here:

  • Added Switch Pro Controller Support – More info can be found here:

  • Of note with Switch Pro bindings – you should use the global Nintendo Layout setting to determine your preferred layout rather than manually moving the face buttons around. This will make it easier to share configurations with other users who prefer a reversed A/B layout.

  • Added support for the NACON Revolution Pro 2 PS4 controller
  • Modified Steam Input to take hardware update rate of specific controllers into account when checking for input. Other improvements to the polling loop also reduce jitter and improve mouse emulation.
  • PS4 Controllers which are plugged in while already being connected wirelessly will now be ignored.
  • Fixed input lag when starting Big Picture or starting streaming
  • Fixed a second controller showing up briefly in games when hot-plugging a controller
  • Changed the layout of the Polish On-screen Keyboard based on user feedback - the Polish Programmer’s keyboard layout is now used instead of the standard Polish keyboard.
  • Fixed areas of the Steam Input Configurator where the length of the Polish localized text would cause settings to overflow past the visible portion of the screen.
  • Updated the Steam Input API button glyph images
  • Improved behavior of joystick auto-calibration
  • Improved handling of controller configuration when the Steam Overlay is disabled
  • Improved software gyro drift correction
  • Added Gyro Enable Button Toggle. The button assigned to enable the gyro can now act as a toggle to the state rather than a hold.
  • Added button for calibrating gyro only without doing joystick calibration
  • Fixed a bug where newly added modes didn't always have their default settings set properly to reflect their device or placement
  • Fixed cached controller configurations sometimes getting used on an incorrect controller when controllers were being removed and added
  • Fixed Gyro Enable Button dropdown having appropriate options for each controller type
  • Fixed Generic Direct Input controllers which had no guide button assigned automatically using the Back/Select button

  • Fixed corrupted graphics when running on Windows 10 with desktop scaling set to 225% or higher

  • Fixed chat windows not appearing when clicking on the dock icon

  • Fixed a bug where trying to re-add old Steam Library folders to the client would fail with an error about the filesystem not being mounted with execute permissions
  • Fixed a common cause of games getting stuck when bringing up the overlay
  • Fixed a problem where trying to resize the client window would sometimes snap back to the original size
  • Fixed incorrect/rainbow colors when streaming from the desktop of a machine running recent Mesa
  • Fixed low resolution in Big Picture mode due to incorrect video memory detection on Mesa

Steam Link and In-Home Streaming
  • Added support for connecting to locked Windows computers, as long as Steam is running and you have access to a keyboard.
  • Added support for interrupting a remote desktop session. Connecting will show the login screen when an RDP session is active, and logging in will disconnect RDP and start streaming the desktop normally.
  • Removed the splash animation when launching Big Picture via Steam Link
  • Re-added Restart/Suspend/Shutdown menu options when streaming to Steam Link
  • Fixed black/green video for games using Unreal Engine 4 in OpenGL mode
  • Fixed upside-down video for some OpenGL titles
  • Changed behavior to remain in Big Picture mode if streaming is disconnected while a game is still playing

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