Client Update - Valve
  • Fixed non-Steam games sometimes appearing unavailable for Remote Play
  • Fixed steamwebhelper CPU/GPU usage in Steam overlay while the overlay is not visible

  • Fixed Activity section not appearing in game details when Family View is enabled
  • Fixed "Load More Activity" button not loading more activity
  • Fixed some display errors for soundtracks with track names containing unusual characters
  • Added support for playing back soundtracks containing .m4a content
  • When installing a game, Steam will now immediately sync your Steam Cloud files in the background instead of waiting potentially until the first launch of the game.
  • Minor layout and visual changes
  • Stop showing "library in use" message for non-Steam games when a shared library is being used

Big Picture
  • Fix issue with the Big Picture Overlay in games w/ launchers
  • Fixed crash when viewing Community Connect in Library
  • Fix an issue where the on-screen keyboard would not work with mouse or touch input when a controller is attached
  • Add a Capslock/Altlock mode to the on-screen keyboard which is enabled by double tapping the shift/alt keys.
  • Remove the “Turn Off Controller” option from the power button menu for controllers which don’t support the feature
  • Add filter a for Steam Play white-listed games to the Big Picture Library’s filter list on Linux

  • Hide games hidden by Family View from SteamVR (prevents them from showing up in SteamVR Home and other VR quick launch game lists).
  • Hide automatically created VR shortcuts when the original manifest has marked them hidden.
  • Mark hidden shortcuts to VR games as hidden in manifests created by Steam.
  • Steam overlay will now show download status when starting an application that is updating or installing.
  • Eliminated spam related to the desktop overlay on Windows 10
  • Fixed issue with Quick Launch in SteamVR showing certain overlay applications

  • Fixed intermittent Steam client and overlay crashes for certain system configurations
  • Fixed some keyboard control keys not being handled correctly by Big Picture browsers

Remote Play Together
  • Added ability to invite players by dragging them from the friend's list into the Remote Play Together window.

Steam Link
  • When a Steam Link connects, the default view is recent games that are optimized for the connecting device. This can be changed in the advanced streaming settings on the Steam Link app or hardware.

  • Fix diagnostic tool helper processes blocking until they time out on Ubuntu 18.04

  • Fix a bug with multiple P2P connections from the same peer
Client Update - Valve
A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Fixed the overlay not working correctly or crashing some DXGI/DX12 games in upcoming Windows Insider builds.

  • Support a LAN event using DNS injection on to set up a local explicit caching proxy for downloads.

  • Fixed "Open the screenshot uploader after closing a game if screenshots were taken" setting not being honored in some cases

  • Added sort by Steam Review to shelves and app grids.

  • Added Library What’s New settings dialog which makes it easier to find and manage per-game news priorities

  • Added a setting to show only product updates in Library What’s New

  • Added Windows drive letter to the "Size on Disk" label shown on installed game portraits.

  • Played/Unplayed filters no longer include/exclude games that were installed but never actually played

  • Improved performance of library artwork precacher

  • Improved library filtering for Korean game titles when typing in Hangul.

  • Fixed an issue where removing the last non-Steam game from a collection would cause it to spontaneously reappear at a later time.

  • Fixed non-Steam games with the "Include in VR Library" checkbox checked not appearing in dynamic collections with VR hardware support selected

  • Fixed hidden achievements sometimes still appearing as hidden in the activity feed even after being achieved

  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause the wrong audio to play from a multi-disc soundtrack when playing an individual track

  • Fixed games that have updates set to "Only update this game when I launch it" not showing in blue in the game list when an update is required

  • Fixed the "View Additional Artwork" button not working correctly for some soundtracks.

  • Fixed some partner event summaries not rendering properly in the activity feed and What's New section

  • Added [h2] and [h3] rendering for partner events and announcements

  • Fixed a case where changes to game collections were not reflected in Big Picture Mode.

Remote Play
  • Fixed cursor scale on different resolution displays

  • Added client-side screen magnifier for the toggle magnification controller binding

Remote Play Together
  • The host can see all controllers connected in the Remote Play Together session.

  • The host can drag and drop any player's controller to change its slot. This helps some games where the first identified controller or the first slot is locked to the primary game character and the group only brought a single controller. This also help cases where a player leaves the session with their controller and the host needs to take over input in the abandoned slot.

  • Added error message when trying to join a game that is unavailable due to country or Family View restrictions.

  • Only execute steam-runtime-system-info when needed for diagnostics.

  • Initiate steam-runtime-system-info only when needed.

  • Fixed a crash while preparing the hardware survey

  • Fixed Steam Library on some NFS mounts

  • Fixed a crash caused by certain types of P2P connection failures

Client Update - Valve
A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

The update has been re-released on December 16th to hotfix a CPU usage problem with the Linux client.

  • Fix URL bar displaying on HTTPS pages when ‘Display Steam URL’ setting is disabled. Steam URL bar will now respect the setting unless on a page with a security issue in which case it will always show to display the error.

  • Fix steamwebhelper crash causes when requests are unexpectedly canceled.

  • Allow creating shelves for shared libraries.

  • Disable screenshot slideshow in app hovers if Low Bandwidth or Low Performance mode is enabled.

  • Fix some cases where mismatched header images were cached for some games.

  • Fix duplicated game activity items from sometimes appearing.

  • Allow Family Sharing of tools.

  • Fix new categories created in small mode or Big Picture mode not being properly saved when switching to normal mode.

  • Fix recently played but disallowed by Family View games not appearing in the Recent Games shelf (or the MRU jump list) when Family View is enabled at startup.

  • Fix rendering of steam award images in news updates.

Remote Play Together
  • Hosting on Windows and Linux automatically starts a Steam Voice chat with invited players when available. Invited Friends can optionally join and accept the voice chat in a single click.

  • Players in the session are visible to all players for adjusting Steam Voice Chat mic volumes.

  • All players’ status is now updated to show that they are playing the game together in the Friends List.

  • Fixed host not being able to adjust the last player's input settings in some cases.

  • More players fit in the vertical scrolling area.

  • When a Remote Play Together session is already running, trying to invite a different friend to a different game allows the host to easily end the existing stream.

  • Game volume and fullscreen/windowed preferences are remembered across sessions for the client.

  • Family Sharing can now be used in conjunction with Remote Play Together.

  • Update steam runtime and container runtime (0.20191119.3): improved graphics drivers diagnostics.

  • Implement a workaround for filesystems with failing 32 bit statfs64 calls (free disk space checks).

  • steam runtime 0.20191210.1: gnutls update to support Proton, further improvements to steam-runtime-system-info.

Client Update - Valve
A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Fixed an issue where the overlay could become stuck on top of the game in Red Dead Redemption 2.
Client Update - Valve
A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Fixed issues downloading and running games with localized content
Client Update - Valve
A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Added "Expand all" and "Collapse all" options to context menus for collections in the games list
  • Added a filter option to split family shared games in the game list into sections by owner
  • Fixed non-Steam game shortcut icons not displaying when set from an .exe file
  • Fixed status in playbar showing "downloading" while unpacking a preloaded game

  • Fixed several causes of steamwebhelper crashes
  • Fixed possible client crash when there are more pending gifts than installed games
  • Fixed an issue where the language drop down in the per-game settings page could be blank for uninstalled games
Client Update - Valve
A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Brought back Small Mode library view and updated to work with Steam Collections and the new Steam Library
  • Added a library setting to hide game icons in the Steam Library’s left column game list
  • Fixed download progress bar and status wrapping to a second line on game pages on smaller windows
  • Compressed game page links bar to one line on smaller Steam windows
  • Post-game summary, game review reminder and other dynamic content on game pages will now fill only one column on wider Steam windows
  • Fix playtime not updating in play bar on game exit
  • Fix incorrect number of achievements sometimes being displayed in achievements section
  • Fixed occasional crashes caused when uninstalling games
  • Fixed Steam client crash after exiting some AutoCloud-enabled games
  • Fixed a case where game icons would sometimes not properly be downloaded and used for the game's desktop shortcut when installing a game. For for previously installed games affected by the problem, validating game contents and recreating the shortcuts should fix the issue.

  • Installation support for STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order™
  • Fixed a cause of black library/store/friends windows in the client or overlay
  • Fixed intermittent client crash on startup
  • Fixed intermittent steamwebhelper crash
  • Fixed web based views in the client rendering with artifacts if you have the latest NVIDIA drivers and have turned on Global Image Sharpening

  • Removed auto-creation of Documents/Downloads directory.

  • Updated vaapi decoding to libva2 compatibility
  • Fixes to free disk space checks to address issues with some NFS mounts
  • Fixed Steam Input F12 binding
  • Fix "Help > System Information" not producing container runtime information in some cases

Remote Play
  • Fixed game audio being silent when reconnecting to a running game
  • Fixed rare crash when the stream stops

Steam Input
  • Fix issue where adding an action set would prevent creating an action set layer until selecting a new action set
Client Update - Valve
A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Fixed library view failing to fully re-render when changing views for some users without GPU accelerated web views or on Windows 7
  • Fixed Steam causing Windows 10 volume slider overlay and capturing media keys
  • Fixed web rendering not pausing on Windows when Steam client is minimized or closed

Steam Library
  • Hidden achievements will no longer be shown on an game's activity feed if you have not already unlocked that achievement
  • Fixed dragging apps from the Library home page to the collections page
  • Improved performance for games with a large number of screenshots saved
  • Updated Post Game Summary to be dismissible
  • Put black bars over spoiler-tagged images in the activity feed and community.

  • Fixed library intermittently not displaying due to Steam Helper crash
  • Fixed Steam usage of Chromium Safe Storage key if present in the user keychain

Steam Input
  • Fixed an issue when converting controller configurations to PS3 controllers from other controller types
  • Fixed a bug that could cause some configurations with action set layers to appear blank.

  • Fixed chat window not displaying in Big Picture VR

Big Picture:
  • Fixed chat window not displaying with some UI scaling settings
Dota 2 - Valve
Matchmaking Update:
* Solo players or parties who queue for both Support and Hard Support will join the Fast Queue but not earn extra Fast Queue games.
Client Update - Valve
New Steam Library

Remote Play Together

  • One-time reset of Steam Skin selection when receiving this update. This avoids un-updated skins causing failures when opening the new library.
  • Updated embedded Chromium build in Steam to 77.0.3865.90
  • Fixed find in page dialog on the store or community tabs displaying after navigating away from those tabs.
  • Free to Play games will now remain in your Steam Library when uninstalled. You can remove these titles by right clicking on the game’s entry in your library.
  • Fixed an occasional crash at launch when the user has a pending gift.
  • Fixed Steam client potentially becoming unresponsive for several seconds after exiting a game or after uploading a screenshot.
  • Reduced client hitching for users with large libraries when adding or removing games.

Remote Play
  • Decreased stream latency and reduced frames dropped due to host CPU load
  • Fixed launching VR games from the Steam Link
  • Fixed rare Steam client crash when running the network test
  • Added support for Wake on LAN over wireless connections with properly configured wireless adapters
  • Remote Play Anywhere now runs over the Steam Datagram Relay network, which ensures that the best route over the Valve backbone is always used. Also, connections are rerouted dynamically to avoid maintenance disrupting the connection.
  • Fixed steam client crash under certain combinations of remote play with non-Steam apps, or on the second launch of SteamVR.
  • Fixed rare hang in the host Steam client when starting a session
  • Fixed “Streaming Launch” dialog when streaming from another computer that you’re logged into.

Steam Input
  • Reduced Steam Input’s overall CPU usage when active.
  • Start showing the last edited configuration in the personal configuration section of the configuration browser.
  • Improve automatic conversions when applying configurations to different controller types – Steam Controllers will get grip bindings based on the A/X buttons, and PS4 Controller trackpads will get bindings based on the option/share buttons.
  • Add a Screenshot binding to the Switch Pro controller capture button in the default templates – when applying a configuration from another controller type this binding will also be automatically be added.
  • Added support for Power-A Fusion Xbox/Playstation 4/Switch Pro fight pads.
  • Fixed several bugs around action set layer switching

  • Added playtime tracking for SteamVR workshop items and for SteamVR itself.
  • Titles that are hidden in the Steam Library will now be hidden in the recently played UI in SteamVR Home.
  • Changed Desktop tab in SteamVR to prefer input from the physical mouse over virtual input from the laser mouse. To switch from the laser mouse to the physical mouse, move the physical mouse. To switch back to the laser mouse, click in the desktop tab.
  • Deleting screenshots taken in VR now also deletes the stereo version from the local disk and the cloud. Note that cloud deletion only applies to screenshots uploaded in the future, not existing shared screenshots.

  • Help > System Information now runs several tests to check for common problems with your Steam Runtime environment. Make sure to include it in your bug reports!
  • Steam Linux Runtime updated (0.20190927.0):
    • Merged i386/ and amd64/ directories for better layout and space savings.
    • Disable obsolete SSLv3 in libcurl, fixing a libcurl problem on Arch
    • Disable LDAP in libcurl
    • Update SDL2
  • Added support for enabling the Big Picture overlay when using controllers with the desktop client
  • Fixed a problem where the screen could go to sleep while using a controller
  • Fixed cases where the on-screen keyboard would steal focus
  • Fix titles depending on SDL_image not working on distros that use SDL2 2.0.10
  • Fix GPU crashes and overlay corruption with games that use Vulkan async compute, such as DOOM 2016.
  • Fix mouse problems with in-game overlay

  • Update app launch error dialog on MacOS 10.15 to show if error was due to the application being 32-bit only
  • Games that no longer run on MacOS 10.15 Catalina will show an incompatibility warning.

Steamworks SDK
  • Improved parsing of localized “steam_display” strings in SteamFriends()->GetFriendRichPresence()

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