Client Update - Valve
(Feb 11: This update was re-released for Windows to resolve an issue with future client updates.)

A new Steam Client update has been released and will be automatically downloaded. The specific changes are listed below.

  • Renamed family features to better disambiguate between Family Library Sharing and Family View.
  • Fixed a case where reconnecting to Steam would cause the client to switch back into Family View
  • Show “invalid file system” if a game tries to install files larger than 4GB on FAT32
  • Make "View Community Hub" item in a game's context menu go to the game hub if available.
  • Ukrainian language support added to the Steam Client
  • Fixed applying wrong region restrictions in some cases
  • Fixed installing from old retail install discs
  • Fixed region restrictions for F2P games in some cases
  • Fixed launching games requiring product keys for DLC (Uplay games etc)
  • When installing a game, put it at the end of the download queue instead of the front

Big Picture
  • Fixed “NoBigPicture” dialogs not showing correctly localized strings
  • Ensured that “start in Big Picture” setting is automatically cleared if Big Picture fails to launch and one of the “No Big Picture” dialogs is shown so that the next launch will start with desktop UI
  • Fixed some cases where multi-monitor setups would not fully restore original monitor layout after closing Big Picture when a non primary monitor is chosen for Big Picture use
  • Changed X360 controller guide button to never trigger desktop UI to Big Picture UI transition if used while a game is in focus
  • Make characters selected in daisy wheel less obvious for password field text entry
  • Fix so that Steam controller can be used when assigning overlay screenshot hotkey
  • Change login panel so "Remember Password" is always visible
  • Add Change Password UI
  • Fix using Steam Controller to scroll panels showing EULAs
  • Significantly faster Big Picture startup on all Mac & many Linux machines.
  • Add "Validate Content. . ." to Links & More menu, to verify local game content
  • Reduced CPU/GPU usage when running games in Big Picture mode.
  • Fixed using the Steam controller to enter passwords
  • Added an experimental Virtual Reality mode on Windows for use with the Oculus Rift. Launch the Steam Client with –vr on the command line to try it. Please tell us what you think in the Steam VR hub

  • Wait for the network to connect before auto-login
  • Fix so all supported locales can be used in Daisy Wheel
  • Fix so that daisy wheel defaults to the correct language after the language is changed
  • Added ability to control system audio devices in Big Picture via the Audio option under Settings
Client Update - Valve
A new Steam Client update has been released and will be automatically downloaded. The specific changes are listed below.

  • Introducing Steam Family Options , a new way for parents and families to establish access to the Steam features and content they choose.
  • Added global setting to allow downloads during gameplay, and change the per-app settings to be global/allow/deny.
  • Added UI for Family Sharing to specify which accounts may play games on authorized computers
  • Add disk-activity indicator to downloads page, will light up if updates are slowed because Steam is waiting for the local disk to write data
  • Simplify application name displayed for Steam executable in Windows firewall and crash dialogs
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when quitting the Steam Client
  • Fixed canceled recurring subscriptions to remain valid until expired
  • Fixed current download rate display when downloads are paused/stopped
  • Fixed regression with downloading optional DLC while the app is running
  • Fixed crash in game backup code if a user didn't own a mounted depot
  • Fixed estimated download-time staying blank in the Downloads page
  • Fixes for Asian text input in the Steam overlay affecting the input state of the game

Big Picture
  • Add control of per-game update settings under "Links and More" in the Library
  • Fixed download progress indicator to correctly start at 0%, not 100%
  • Fixed smooth scrolling in some panels to not jitter backwards before continuing to correct scroll offset
  • Fixed Steam Controller bindings left browse column to scroll correctly as focus moves off screen
  • Most notification toasts should now respond to pressing the guide button or clicking on the notification
  • Modal dialogs should now close when clicking outside of the dialog
  • Fix estimated download time remaining string getting cut off
Client Update - Valve
A new Steam Client update has been released and will be automatically downloaded. The specific changes are listed below.

  • Friends UI error handling fixes.

Big Picture
  • Fix for italics fonts
Client Update - Valve
A new Steam Client update has been released and will be automatically downloaded. The specific changes are listed below.

  • Add ability to limit what time of day Steam is allowed to automatically update apps
  • Add option to let other games download while a game is running (this is a per-game setting)
  • Add download regions for Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and Ottawa in Canada
  • Add 'Copy all text to clipboard' context menu option in the System Information dialog.
  • Update group announcement notifications to link directly to the announcement instead of the group overview page
  • Delay the download of Steam client updates until there are no games running
  • On game launch, if there is an update available but we haven't started downloading it yet, ask the user if they want to launch the existing bits or wait for the update.
  • Improved download rates for users with high throughput but high latency connections
  • Improved retry behavior when connecting to Steam servers
  • Improved download rates for internal app meta data
  • Improved in-game overlay compatibility for some DX10/11 games on Windows 8.1
  • Fixed the "Allow Steam Community in-game" checkbox getting incorrectly cleared
  • Fixed the "unread chat messages" action in the inbox opening chat windows with duplicate messages
  • Fixed hang on start-up if you had a problem connecting to the update server
  • Fixed cloud sync error when re-launching game right after game exited
  • Fixed base game being uninstalled in some cases if user hits 'Cancel' while installing additional DLC
  • Fixed Auto-Cloud for files larger than 100MB
  • Changed overlay xinput filtering to continue to filter for briefly on close so a button press that closes the overlay is not also seen by games

Big Picture
  • Added ability to opt into game betas and edit launch options
  • Added Inbox item under Linux if your machine requires a reboot due to OS level updates
  • Allow use of the up and down arrows on the Store description dialog
  • Fixed infinite loop of Cloud sync error dialogs on game launch
  • Fixed mouse cursor being visible during startup animation even if it hadn't moved
  • Fixed some rare cases where a panel would draw stale content after a styles transition completed
  • Fixed loop in the UI if you navigated from an IM to the web, hit the Steam button to go back and then hit Done in the footer
  • Fixed password cap locks label not hiding when there was input in the password box
  • Fixed check for updates button not hiding in the case you had an update ready to restart into
  • Enabled key repeat on game controller controller buttons
  • Fixed the "open link in new tab" menu popping into the web browser context menu
  • Have the web browser select all text when editing the url entry and place the caret at the end of the selection
  • Don't allow text selection on labels created by the dropdown control
  • Fixed All Games dropdown not showing custom categories correctly when selected
  • Fixed being able to restart Steam for an update before login

  • Fix paste pasting stale text.
  • Fix Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V in client-hosted web page text controls.
  • Fix incorrect foregrounding of a blank window in some -silent startup cases.
  • Fixed corrupt check box and radio button images on web pages
  • Fixed game controller hot-plugging not working
  • Fix runtime bootstrap rewriting so that if this process interrupted, steam is not left in an inconsistent non-startable state.
  • Fixed crash on linux if /proc/net/route isn't available
  • Fixed missing cursor in Akaneiro when using the overlay
  • Fixed Steam failing to re-launch on shutdown if some open sockets took too long to close
  • The overlay now saves and restores the games gamma settings when invoked
  • Fixed overlay not displaying in some runtime configurations

Mac OS X
  • Show the correct error if we're out of disk space during an update
Client Update - Valve
A new Steam Client update has been released and will be automatically downloaded. The specific changes are listed below.

  • Updated Downloads section, including download-queue management and quick links to throttling and app update settings
  • Added "High Priority" app update setting - Steam will prioritize automatic updates for that app
  • Added support for displaying default button text for default HTML controls in the Web control
  • Update notification indicator when opting into/out of notifications for an app
  • Updated SDL with the 2.0.1 release, improving game controller support
  • Moved server browser max pings /minute setting from "Downloads" to "In-Game" tab of Settings dialog
  • Improve in-game performance when enumerating community items for some users who have used a very large number (thousands) of workshop items in Portal 2 or hero builds in Dota 2
  • Fixed issue retrieving stale data for a Steam Workshop file, immediately after publishing a Steam Workshop file
  • Fixed failing to run a game if it had a very long optional command and triggered the warning dialog
  • Fixed crash on exit for the overlay
  • Fixed running some install script steps on 2nd game install
  • Fixed issue with ever-increasing playtime for games that aren't running
  • Fixed a crash on certain malformed friends messages (thanks Arnaud Dovi and HP's Zero Day Initiative)

Big Picture
  • Added Big Picture Offline Mode indicator / Go Online button in top row, visible when in offline mode
  • Added a RESET option when configuring a game controller
  • Added option to join Steam Client Beta's from the Settings page
  • Added button to check for Steam Client updates from the Settings page
  • Improved transition when launching a game
  • Fixed screensaver not enabling sometimes when a game controller was being used
  • Fixed errors when refreshing your Steam login
  • Fixed Javascript alerts and dialogs showing incorrectly when using the web browser
  • Fixed being unable to click Accept on the SSA dialog if running Steam for the first time
  • Fixed UI loop when using the History button of the Account settings page
  • Fixed custom categories not showing when selected in the All Games view
  • Fixed launching game while another game launch was already in progress

  • Fixed a bug where maximizing would lead to an incorrectly sized window if the Steam window was on a secondary monitor that has the primary taskbar positioned on it
  • Workaround to post fewer win32 message in the in-game overlay for games that don’t reliably drain the queue

  • Better track games that use an intermediate launcher
  • Fixed text incorrectly getting ellipses in some Big Picture controls
  • Fixed crash at startup with certain window managers

  • Fixed Microphone selection not updating when changed in the settings dialog
Client Update - Valve
A new Steam Client update has been released and will be automatically downloaded. The specific changes are listed below.

  • Added support for converting 3rd party Source mods to new content system
  • When entering Asian text input in the Steam embedded browser, hitting ENTER will now close the IME bar if it is empty
Client Update - Valve
A new Steam Client update has been released and will be automatically downloaded. The specific changes are listed below.

  • Improve connection ping for selecting Steam servers to connect to on logon
  • Improved performance when updating lots of games metadata on startup
  • Added "My Games" library filter in desktop UI in case games from other uses are visible
  • Fixed game “Purchase” button to open the game store page
  • Fixed a bug where the user counts for various groups could overwrite each other and the friends list group tab would show invalid counts
  • Fixed CS:GO “Inspect in Game…” links working
  • Fixed various Family Sharing UI issues

Big Picture
  • Fixed your own avatar in the Friends view being squished vertically
  • Fixed top entry in friends list having clipped outer glow on focus
  • Fixed some languages running words together in labels containing partial HTML (mostly store product descriptions in Russian)
  • Fixed crash when dismissing the movie playback controls in the store
  • Fixed the position of the play button when launching a game
  • Improved reliability of loading store game pages when encountering network errors
  • Fixed Big Picture not starting if Steam is set to start on windows startup and to start in Big Picture mode
  • Fixed rare crash due to thread safety issue in some timing functions

  • Fixed Asian text input method (IME) candidate list selection being off by one
  • Implemented Asian text input in Steam embedded browser, both in client and in the in-game Steam overlay
Client Update - Valve
A new Steam Client update has been released and will be automatically downloaded. The specific changes are listed below.

  • Fixed launching Source SDK 2013-based mods from the Steam server browser
  • Fixed showing “[unknown]” user names for players in current game lobby
  • Fixed downloading Steam cloud files via HTTP
  • Fixed a regression which made some OpenGL games (Rage) crash in some cases activating the in-game overlay

Big Picture
  • Fixed setting display resolution in Big Picture mode before login properly restarts Big Picture mode
  • Added Big Picture language settings panel
  • Fixed subsequent login problem caused by canceling creating an account

  • Fixed a bug that caused Steam to hang on startup for some users.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Big Picture on Linux from becoming active again sometimes after a game exits.
  • Fix a bug that prevented the tray menu from not responding when transitioning out of Big Picture mode
  • Fix regression that caused Steam to exit instead of restart after actions that require Steam to restart
Client Update - Valve
A new Steam Client update has been released and will be automatically downloaded. The specific changes are listed below.

  • Fixed a couple rare crashes trying to run certain steam:// URLs as the client is still initializing and before full login

Big Picture
  • Fixed a crash for some users when entering the daisy wheel with a large number of emoticons unlocked on their account

  • Fix an issue with maximized windows restoring to the wrong size if activated from task-bar after being minimized in certain multi-monitor arrangements
  • Fix an issue with the in-game overlay not rendering in some DX11 games (The Bureau: XCOM Declassified)

  • Fix mouse clicks not working in Big Picture Steam Overlay
  • Added support for 64-bit games to the Steam Linux Runtime

Mac OS X
  • Fix performance issues for some games after the Steam Overlay had been shown when running on an NVIDIA graphics card.
Client Update - Valve
A new Steam Client update has been released and will be automatically downloaded. The specific changes are listed below.

  • Fixed a bug which prevented the Steam Subscriber Agreement and Privacy Agreement from being displayed when creating a new account

In addition, this update includes all changes from the previous release this morning:

  • Fixed some cases that may have been the cause of non-Steam game shortcuts disappearing
  • Change Steam to not require a restart when going from offline mode to online mode at login time
  • Fixed cases where the client could become stuck in Offline Mode
  • Fixed a bug that prevented login after encountering a network error
  • Library now always shows free games if you own any of its DLC
  • Fixed crash on startup if you ran two steam:// commands quickly
  • Fixed a potential crash shutting down Steam or halting content downloads
  • Improved Steam Client responsiveness when performing network uploads
  • Fixed a bug which caused Workshop and Steam Cloud file uploads to fail
  • Fixed a crash when downloading or updating games
  • Fixed a crash when quitting some multiplayer games
  • Changed Steamworks API calls to fail fatally if Steam.exe has crashed so that the game will fail in a user visible manner (vs some games appearing to run but failing to save progress to Steam Cloud and users later discovering all progress was lost)
  • Fixed loading sound caches for Zombie Panic Source Mod

Big Picture
  • Work around a regression caused by recent versions of GeForce Experience which prevented the guide button from working on X360 controllers
  • Fixed a bug where a X360 controller assigned a player index > 0 by XInput may not be used properly on Windows
  • Decreased texture memory usage and increased performance in some scenarios where parts of the UI are transformed offscreen
  • More aggressive caching of custom font data leading to improved rendering perf in some transitions in/out of text heavy UI on Windows
  • Added new multi-user login and create account UIs
  • Added shutdown UI
  • Added Go Offline / Go Online to the Quit UI
  • Added network connectivity error UI during login
  • Changed Web Browser behavior when using a keyboard/mouse to not allow over scroll and to behave more like a normal browser in terms of scrolling, gamepad behavior is unchanged
  • Fixed a Web Browser bug where links that open in a new tab/popup could initially load very slowly
  • Fixed a bug in the Web Browser where scrolling via any input method would cause the underlying browser implementation to believe the mouse cursor had centered on the screen and would then cause spurious hover/tooltip display in some pages
  • Fixed an issue that could cause overlay notification messages to stop appearing randomly after some period of gameplay time
  • Fixed styles regression with main menu buttons jumping to the right on transitions back from deeper UI
  • Fixed styles regressions transitioning in and out of “New for you” display
  • Fixed styles issue making prices get truncated in the store view at times when a featured game had a long title/description
  • Big Picture store can show Linux support icons

Linux/Mac OS X
  • On OS X 10.9 point to the new Preference location for the Accessibility interface
  • Fixed particle system fuzziness in Big Picture on Linux and OSX to match Windows
  • Updated Steam Client to use the latest version of SDL2
  • Fixed a memory leak during voice communication on Linux
  • Fixed a crash in the Big Picture web browser on Linux
  • Improved Big Picture OpenGL rendering, added support for more complex gradient types, fixed inset shadow renderering and fixed jittering of some effects due to float to int rounding
  • Fixed overlay crash on non-Steam app shutdown on Linux
  • Fixed Steam crash on Linux systems with no USB support
  • Fixed Linux display of game shortcut names for games with non-ASCII letters in the name
  • Fixed some Big Picture crashes playing YouTube video on Linux
  • Improve Steam client support for XFS and large drives on Linux
  • Fixed web browsing while in offline mode to load the proper offline mode page

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