Client Update - Valve
Jan 27, 2014
(Feb 11: This update was re-released for Windows to resolve an issue with future client updates.)

A new Steam Client update has been released and will be automatically downloaded. The specific changes are listed below.

  • Renamed family features to better disambiguate between Family Library Sharing and Family View.
  • Fixed a case where reconnecting to Steam would cause the client to switch back into Family View
  • Show “invalid file system” if a game tries to install files larger than 4GB on FAT32
  • Make "View Community Hub" item in a game's context menu go to the game hub if available.
  • Ukrainian language support added to the Steam Client
  • Fixed applying wrong region restrictions in some cases
  • Fixed installing from old retail install discs
  • Fixed region restrictions for F2P games in some cases
  • Fixed launching games requiring product keys for DLC (Uplay games etc)
  • When installing a game, put it at the end of the download queue instead of the front

Big Picture
  • Fixed “NoBigPicture” dialogs not showing correctly localized strings
  • Ensured that “start in Big Picture” setting is automatically cleared if Big Picture fails to launch and one of the “No Big Picture” dialogs is shown so that the next launch will start with desktop UI
  • Fixed some cases where multi-monitor setups would not fully restore original monitor layout after closing Big Picture when a non primary monitor is chosen for Big Picture use
  • Changed X360 controller guide button to never trigger desktop UI to Big Picture UI transition if used while a game is in focus
  • Make characters selected in daisy wheel less obvious for password field text entry
  • Fix so that Steam controller can be used when assigning overlay screenshot hotkey
  • Change login panel so "Remember Password" is always visible
  • Add Change Password UI
  • Fix using Steam Controller to scroll panels showing EULAs
  • Significantly faster Big Picture startup on all Mac & many Linux machines.
  • Add "Validate Content. . ." to Links & More menu, to verify local game content
  • Reduced CPU/GPU usage when running games in Big Picture mode.
  • Fixed using the Steam controller to enter passwords
  • Added an experimental Virtual Reality mode on Windows for use with the Oculus Rift. Launch the Steam Client with –vr on the command line to try it. Please tell us what you think in the Steam VR hub

  • Wait for the network to connect before auto-login
  • Fix so all supported locales can be used in Daisy Wheel
  • Fix so that daisy wheel defaults to the correct language after the language is changed
  • Added ability to control system audio devices in Big Picture via the Audio option under Settings

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