Product Update - Valve
Oct 19, 2012
What’s New:
• Home now fully supports Steam’s Big Picture Mode – play the entire game with your Xbox 360 controller from the terrifying comfort of your own couch, or continue to use a keyboard if you prefer.

• The most requested feature has been added to the game! Home now auto-saves your progress as you play, allowing for shorter play sessions if required. Continue where you left off, or start over from the beginning. The game still starts you from the beginning once you complete it, though—keeping the integrity of the experience while adding convenience for players who need it.

• Some things may not always be what they seem. As promised in previous missives, players may start to see their Home experience change ever so slightly the next time they play. Was that room there before? I thought that was locked... This is just the beginning for long-term fans of the game.

• Various other graphical tweaks and corrections to text and menus.

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