Product Update - Valve
Sep 26, 2012
Tryst – Product Update

(Patch No: 12Sep26A)

Demo Mode Live: Users can now try out Tryst for free. Demo allows access to the Multiplayer lobby. Demo players will only be allowed to play as the Humans. They can host Ignius but no other maps. They can join other players who are hosting games on different maps, though.
Cel-Filter Live: A new Graphics option that applies a cel-filter to the game world, units and fx is now available. It’s awesome! Check it out by setting it to true in the Graphics Options screens.
Known Issues
Saved files from previous updates will not function in this version
General Crash Fixes (Multiplayer and Campaign related)
General User based Crash Fixes (fixing reports sent in by users)
Fixed issues associated with Achievements
Joining Private games now asks you for a password to join
Toon shader option
GUI Layout Improvements – Auto-Scale to height and width of screen and settings
Damage decreased from 45 to 43
Armor reduced from 2 to 1
Upgrade - Krypt Recoil Reduction Unit RoF increase amount reduced from an additional 14 rounds per minute to an additional 10 rounds per minute

Sting-Ray turret:
Cost adjusted from 140 Ore/40 Energy to 85 Ore/65 Energy
Increased Charge Production rate so that it now decreases by 1 second every 5 minutes to a max cap of 15 seconds for a charge (this occurs at the 25 minute mark)
Increased the initial Charge Capacity from 3 to 4

ALL Temples (By Type and Tier):
Decreased build time from 200 seconds to 150 seconds
Increased health uniformly by 100

Altar of Knowledge:
Decreased build time from 180 seconds to 130 seconds

Spirit Catcher:
Decreased cost from 40 Ore/15 Energy to 35Ore/15 Energy
Changed from Medium armor to Building armor class
Campaign Update:
Mission 2:
Tuned wave timings
Fixed Dialog Overlaps
Added Objective - Defend Base from Enemy Waves (So that it is clearer that attacking the Zali base is an Optional Objective)
Mission 3:
Tuned placement of enemies at the Processing Plant area
Camera Sweeps checked and fixed for crashes
Altered enemy composition at Lohum Processing Plant area
Mission 4:
Made sure Player Characters don't die during camera sweeps
Fixed crashes related to using the Jetpack at certain areas
Fixed Dialog Errors
Kestrel starts the mission with Hold Fire set to true

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