Product Update - Valve
Nov 30, 2006
Updates to Garry's Mod have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The specific changes include:

Garry's Mod
  • Fixed problems picking up NPC weapons
  • Fixed missing prop data error when trying to spawn some props
  • Fixed clientside double physics object bug
  • Fixed Thruster looping sound
  • Fixed Eye Poser
  • Fixed Easy Weld prediction in Multiplayer
  • Fixed SENT crash when certain functions failed
  • Fixed error when button activating a camera
  • Fixed not being able to specify `no weapon' for NPC spawning
  • Fixed bugs when spawn menu and context menu opened at exactly the same time
  • Fixed spawning metrocop causing svc_UpdateStringTable errors in Multiplayer
  • Increased the thruster power by x10
  • Increased the balloon power by x5
  • NPC Corpses always fade out in Multiplayer
  • NPC Corpses should never become undeletable in Singleplayer (you should always be able to interact with them)

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