Product Update - Valve
Jul 9, 2012
Nation Red 1.98 Update

- Added a new Barricade map: Prison (playable in Single Player, Local Coop and On-line Coop). Many players have asked for a map without NPCs to protect. The Prison map has no NPCs plus four fence corridors on the left and right side of the map from which zombies are escaping. Each escape rout is initially handled by 3 concrete barriers and a sentry gun.

- Added difficulty setting in Free Play and Barricade game menu. You can now select Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard and Severe settings before starting a game. You can then still fine-tune by using TAB during the first minute of gameplay.

- Added 5 new Steam achievements:

Fifteen Minutes In Jail: Survive for 15 minutes on the Prison barricade map

Thirty Minutes In Jail: Survive for 30 minutes on the Prison barricade map

Red 101: Collect 100 Nation Red achievements

Collateral: In a Free Play or Barricade game, choose Friendly Fire and use the M107 sniper rifle to kill 50 suicide bombers

Wipeout: In Free Play or Survival, kill 100 zombies within the first 30 seconds of the game (hint: use the new difficulty settings)

- Strategic Mode: Hitting a key jumps straight to perks beginning with that letter; i.e. hitting 'P' will jump to 'Pneumatic Destroyer'. This makes picking perks much quicker and easier.

- Strategic Mode: Increased scroll speed to navigate the perk list

- Reduced reload times of the Uzis and Mp5 weapons by 30%

- Overhauled the flamethrower weapon: improved line of fire and reduced reload time by 30%. You'll be able to use it to selectively kill instead of just aiming in a wide arc/area.

- Number of bodies option: updated so when set to zero (0), all bodies fade out immediately, no bodies linger on screen. Use this for a clean battlefield without bodies being confused with live zombies.

- Added an option to disable comms/radial menu (useful for gamepad users who accidentally press down the thumbstick)

- Initial number of zombies on map scales according to difficulty setting. Use high settings for Fastest 100 and 1000 kills leaderboards. You should be able to hit 100 kills in less than 30 secs. when playing on Severe or in Survival Mode.

- Counterblow no longer affects bosses in multiplayer games

- Several small bugfixes

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