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Endless Space Out Now!

All the version notes since the alpha version can be found at:

- Changed the save file system. The previous files are not compatible.
- Added the custom faction screen.
- Added a free camera mode in the battle view.
+ Arrow keys: move the view
+ Mouse wheel: changes the camera field of view (angle)
+ Mouse right click + pan: rotates the camera view
+ Ctrl: sticks / unsticks the camera on your fleet
- You can continue to play after a victory condition is achieved.
- Added a state to the player, to know if he's in a battle or not.
- Added an animatic for each faction, which will be displayed for a new game.
- Added narrative & random events illustrations.
- Changed the illustration for the selection of "Random Faction".
- Changed the Pirates 3D fleet icon.
- Added several outgame scenes, which will be displayed randomly.
- All technologies have a dedicated icon.
- Added 5 new music.
- Added new GUI sounds.
- Added an ES soundtrack directory (in the Steam install directory of Endless Space on your computer).
- Added the ES credits.
- Texture, video, memory & AI optimization.
- Added one new difficulty mode - Endless.
- Food consumption by population will vary with game speed.
- Heroes will not be injured when retreating. Changed the 'Death before dishonor' faction trait.
- Ship levels increase HP, DamageMin, DamageMax, InterceptionAccuracy, DeflectionPerTurn and Absorption.
- Changed the ship leveling, which now requires more XP (6 to 45 -> 4 to 100)
- Decreased the defense mods' cost (3 to 75 -> 2 to 58).
- Decreased the defense mods' weight (7 to 20 -> 5 to 16).
- Antimissile and Shield mods are now more powerful than their Weapon counterpart.
- Deflectors bonuses were only slightly increased.
- Halved Defense MP (8 to 210 -> 4 to 125) but not their efficiency in general.
- Defense MP is less effective during invasions than weapons.
- Added an extra bonus on the armor mods (25 to 304 -> 25 to 220+12%).
- Modified the Bluecap mold monopoly bonus (Dust -> Approval).
- Reduced the difficulty of diplomatic victory ( 1000 + 10*(players)*(planets) -> 2000 + 15*(players)*(planets) ).
- Decreases the malus of the random event "SUPERNOVA DISRUPTS NAVIGATION MAPS" (-80% -> -30%)
- When playing sower, the player knows the actual FIDS of a planet before colonizing it.
- Decreased the Alliance bonus multiplier (Alliance : * 2 -> Alliance : * 1,6).

- Fixed an issue where the leech hero ability will not stop upon conquering the star system.
- Fixed an issue where an assert is received when a system is conquered by the AI and the user is in System view on the same system.
- [MP] Fixed an issue where assert is received when joining an in-progress session.
- [MP] Fixed an issue where opening the war notification as host will cause an assert.
- Fixed an issue where pressing ESC after quitting a game will cause an assert.
- Fixed an issue where the game crashes 100% after loading a specific save game.
- Fixed an issue where loading a saved game from another Steam account causes an assert.

- Fixed several text issues.
- Fixed several localized text issues.
- Fixed an issue where the browsing arrows become unresponsive in planet view in a 2 planet system.
- Fixed an issue where the moon orbiting a planet will not adjust size properly in planet view.
- Fixed an issue where the heal button is not functional on the Assign to system screen.
- Fixed an issue where a graphical corruption can be seen when entering the star system.
- Fixed an issue where the Permanent Perennials star system improvement is not working.
- Fixed an issue where the resolution will not change to 1600x900 when in windowed mode.
- Fixed an issue where the user will have the buyout option active for a ship that cannot be completed normally (strategic prerequisite or obsolete ship design).
- Fixed an issue where the amount of military power is displayed using decimals on the battle report.
- [MP] Fixed an issue where ships are displayed as being in hangar on other player`s system.
- Fixed an issue where the name of the empire is not replaced in the current deals with button.
- Fixed an issue where cease fire are not spread to allies.
- Fixed an issue where the initial starting population decreases right after the first turn at slow game speed.
- Fixed an issue where disband/create fleet does not refresh movement points.
- Fixed an issue where the race names are seen in the language of the other player.
- Fixed an issue where the Hissho Affinity tool tip is not updated.
- Fixed an issue where the United Empire Affinity tool tip is not updated.
- Fixed an issue where the "Industry to Science" conversion tool tip is not updated.
- Fixed an issue where the user is able to select guard action on an enemy`s fleet.
- Fixed an issue where technologies do not affect the deal approval.
- Fixed an issue where actual faction names were not updated in the Diplomatic Negotiations Screen when choosing random factions.

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