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May 24, 2012
Super MNC Update 7

It's time for Turbocross! Our first new game mode has arrived for all you who want to try much faster, less strategic gameplay. The Rules Have Changed! Turbocross features rebuildable turrets, faster movement, higher lethality, and no passive power improvement with level. The objective remains the same as Super Crossfire; push bots, destroy the Moneyball!

Free Pro Rotation: Assassin, Gunner, Karl, Leo, Support, Veteran

We're also introducing more fan inspired content! Mustaches are now available as flair. There is a new slot of flair that goes on Pro's heads so you can mix and match your staches with your chest flair. We'd love to see pictures of your Pro creations!

As always, feel free to leave us feedback at! If you have issues please email

The current version is: 36647. If you don't have this version, please restart your game.

New Rules
• Added new game mode: Turbocross
• Changed "Mute Players" menu option to "Action Menu"
• Added reporting of players to the Action Menu.
• Added new visual effect for health regeneration.
• When choosing item categories in the store, the camera will now focus on the area of the Pro the item represents.
• Flair can now be previewed in the inventory screen.
• Reduced the volume of the game ready horn.
• Selecting a Pro in the store now updates the item store filter.
• Custom games now allow the creator to choose the map.
• Added Long Shot Turrets for Turbocross
• Added Shave Ice Turrets for Turbocross
• Updated turret chooser UI.
• Long Shot turrets now have shells that do not collide with the world during their ascent.

Bug Fixes
• Fixed store filter drop down from appearing when you return to Pro selection from the cart.
• Fixed turrets from targeting enemy shielded turrets.
• Fixed being able to open the skill pick menu while using the Annihilator.
• Fixed music turning itself back on while looking through taunts.
• Fixed turrets being rebuildable when they shouldn't be in Super Crossfire.
• Fixed selecting a Pro in the custom class screen from resetting to default.
• Fixed navigation bar button text from reading "PLAY NOW" if you held the mouse button down over one for a short time.
• Fixed image size for endorsements in the Locker Room.
• Fixed small visual overlap in the bundles screen.
• Fixed the Annihilator ready message from sometimes showing a player's name under it.
• Fixed the "Exit" button from sometimes displaying "Play".

• New Bundle: The Stache Stash

• Added slot for head flair.
• New head flair: My Friend Lars
• New head flair: The Plumber
• New head flair: Dali
• New head flair: Captain Thompson
• New head flair: Motorhead

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