Product Update - Valve
27 Nis 2012
Change log for 1.05d:

- Fixed an MP issue where clients would go OOS if the host had clicked around on the bookmarks or time widget at all
- De jure kingdoms can now assimilate into empires
- Fixed a bug with the Crusade CB where the kingdom title was usurped even if the holder was not involved
- Fixed a bug with the 'other_claim' CB where, on success, a title could be broken out of the top realm of the attacker
- Fixed a bug with the 'other_claim' CB where it would make the claimants your vassals when it should not
- Fixed some bugs in the new regency events
- The hostility of attached armies is now determined by the army they are attached to
- A very high opinion of the liege now has a greater effect on reducing the revolt risk
- Can't pick intrigue plots against people with no possible backers (lacking courtiers)
- No longer possible to revoke religious head titles, or plot to do so
- Halved the Varangian Guard in strength
- Removed some more initial Byzantine holdings
- Reduced the initial Crown Authority of the Byzantine Empire a bit
- Increased the initial Crown Authority of the Seljuk Turks and Mauretania
- Fixed a bug with dynasty 715 having a historical CoA when it should not
- Fixed another issue with de jure assimilation
- Vassals in revolt who _attack_ an outside state will no longer make their pre-war liege hostile to the target
- Fixed an issue with too many plots being evaluated for the quick plot button in the Character View
- Fixed another issue with huge plot power values due to the wrong cached military power
- Should no longer be possible to attach armies to navies in port
- AI: Should never try to revoke titles off landless vassals (Varangian Guard, etc)
- AI: Even more likely join a plot with the same goal a character is already plotting for, if the plot power of the asker is higher
- Added trigger 'yearly_income'
- Asking the Pope for an Indulgence now costs a minimum of 25 gold
- Fixed a rare crash when a plot target died while you were inviting a backer in the Diplo View

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