Product Update - Valve
14 Mar 2012
- Added a “Rank” column back to the Mission Selection screen. The Score and Rank column will toggle between each other every 5 seconds.
- Fixed a bug with the UI selection sound effect playing multiple times simultaneously.
- Added more variety for a number of the AI’s random interjections regarding power cores, aliens, and a few other situtations.
- Added the ability to turn vsync on/off by going to Help & Options > Settings > Video. Default is On.
- Added a console application to update the medal’s in a user’s profile from that user’s entries on the leaderboards.
1. From the Main Menu, click on the Console button.
2. When prompted to login, type “guest” (without quotes) and press enter.
3. At the command prompt, type “medals_from_leaderboards” (without quotes) and press enter.
4. Follow the instructions printed on the screen.
5. Let the app run for a few moments.
6. When it’s done, you can exit the Console by pressing the “Back” button at the bottom of the screen.
7. Play more Defense Grid!

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