Product Update - Valve
Mar 8, 2012
Nuclear Dawn Update 6.1 (March, 2012):
New Features:
- Added support for setting clan/group association (options>other>clantag).
- Added new clan-based achievements: Ants, Locusts, Legion, Playground Bullies, Strength In Numbers, and Traitor.
- Added ability to teleport between your team's transport gates (use the USE key, default E on a gate).
- Added ability for commander to manually power down most structures to free up power for others.

Other enhancements
- "Enemy spotted" radio command now does short, red minimap blip on any enemies near pointing direction.
- Squad preference is now remembered across team and map changes.
- Join button on squads now becomes "Leave" for squad you are currently in.
- Touched up scoreboard to allow showing longer names and clan tags, as well as making commander more visible.
- Added scoring for ammo given via pack and hypospraying teammates.
- Enabled joystick/gamepad options in Mouse options (FPS only!).
- Made "No artillery in range" message more visible.
- Added new "Other" options tab to expose more configuration options (including game hints, steam cloud, server download filter, and more).
- Removed spectate tab from server browser until full Source TV support is available.

Balance Changes:
- Hypospray from supply station is now rate-limited similarly to grenades.
- Lowered ammo pack max carry to 2.
- Now only one ammo pack per player can be deployed at once, similar to med packs.
- Ammo packs from supply station are now rate-limited at a slightly less frequent rate than grenades.

Oilfield final:
- Renamed oilfield_beta to oilfield
- Added new overview map and loading screen
- Added 4 extra tertiary points
- Fixed plants sticking through container near ct base
- Fixed floating fueltruck and container
- Fixed small ladder issue on one of the fueltrucks
- Fixed small displacement issues

- Fixed and improved a wide range of prop collisions.
- Fixed right-click no longer working to cancel building of a structure.
- Fixed a case where the health hud indicator would get stuck at the top of the screen.
- Fixed client crash when connecting to a server with a misconfigured download url.
- Fixed explosive grenade types not counting toward Plenty To Go Around achievement.
- Fixed a rare case where players could spawn without weapons.
- Fixed issues with some weapons not tracking properly for Headshot achievement and added progress indiciator.
- Fixed in-bunker commander kills counting toward Golden Targets achievement.
- Fixed commander chat history being cut off by a character for full-width text.

Server changes:
- Server browser no longer adds tags for secure/insecure (use existing, separate filter for these).
- Added option to have teams swapped at round end (mp_roundend_teamswap).
- Added option to force players to auto-assign selves to teams (mp_force_autoassign, will tag server with forceautoassign).
- Improved and fixed portions of team balance logic.

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