Product Update - Valve
5. bře. 2012

• Added new weapons:
- MP9
- Mac10
- P90
- Five-Seven

• Fixed bug that sometimes prevented players from buying grenades
• Made recoil reset after cooldown period, regardless of whether it is full

• Changed weapon availability:
- Both Ts and CTs can buy the Bizon and MP7.
- CTs may now buy MP9.
- Ts may now buy Mac10.
- Five-Seven is now available to both teams.


• Fixed numerous aesthetic bugs reported in the forums.
• Fixed many instances of players being able to access map areas that should be off limits.
• Fixed several places in which players could get stuck.

• Added thumbnail in map selection UI for de_nuke.
• Updated task bar icon to new one for CS:GO.
• Removed kill notification in kill cam that shows you as your own killer when you suicide

• Brought all ambient audio to the same level.
• Edited knife hit sound to be more universal for all surfaces.

• Unlocked server fps to it runs at the default limit of 300.
• Corrected default viewmodel offsets for listen servers.
• Fixed problem with using autoexec.cfg or launch options to execute config files.
• Removed ‘buy defuser’ and ‘buy c4’ console commands for Ts.
• Fixed problem with error message showing when pressing F5 to take a screenshot during kill cam.
• Corrected some localization errors.

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