Product Update - Valve
Jan 26, 2012
Updates to Dota 2 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. Fixes include:

- Added Clinkz!
- Added Legacy Key support for Invoker.
- Fixed Invoker's Quas, Wex, and Exort not giving Invoker bonus stats properly when upgraded.
- Fixed Invoker's Invoke to properly swap the invoked abilities in the 1st and 2nd slots if the spell already existing in the 2nd slot is invoked again.
- Fixed Cold Snap not being castable on Roshan
- Fixed EMP cast range
- Lane creeps will now stand still if they become unable to attack, such as when hit by Invoker's Deafening Blast, instead of charging past enemy creeps and towers.
- Enabled Invoker in CM
- Fixed gold-transfer hack, the sellback cooldown is now reset when combining stacks where the items have different owners.
- Fixed Sticky Napalm triggering off of Orb of Venom
- Fixed Glaives of Wisdom being usable while silenced

- Made chat messages HTML safe.
- Fixed some buttons in the hero selector being broken after playing in a CM game.
- Added a chat -ping command

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