Product Update - Valve
Jan 17, 2012
X3: Terran Conflict Update Released

This update, to version 3.2, brings several bug-fixes and performance improvements that have been back-ported from X3: Albion Prelude.

New Features and Improvements:

- CIG push effect now uses falloff
- Improved missile friendly fire behaviour
- Player missiles now immune to bullet damage for 2 seconds after launch
- Added new windowed mode resolutions and support for res.dat file
- Improved target rectangle scaling at high screen resolutions
- Several performance optimisations


- Fixed ships never docking at docking clamps unless SETA is engaged
- Fixed hitting Boost sending you back through the gate you have just come through
- Fixed some dialogue choice lines in the Buy Sector Information service
- Fixed rare broken handling of right mini-monitor
- Fixed rare crash when Game Over is shown
- Fixed rare Alt-Tab problem during startup

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