Product Update - Valve
Dec 16, 2011
CrimeCraft GangWars Update Released

Snow Brawl game mode added for a limited time during the holidays! Trade in your guns for a new weapon, a snowball packed tightly around a core of high explosives! Snowballs explode on contact, killing all enemies! For all Snow Brawl matches, weapons, abilities, boosts and knives are disabled and players will only have 60 hit points. Snow Brawl kicks off Dec. 19 and the map and mode will change each day of the event.

Other Updates:
• Fixed the bug where territory bonuses didn’t work after travelling between lobbies.
• Improved the groups processing logic in the matchmaking.
• Minimum number of players increased from 2 to 4 for Snatch and Grab and Capture the Zone (3 points) game modes in Maxym Alley and Belly Street.
• Fixed the bug when the stack size wasn’t shown correctly on Black Market.
• Fixed the issue when players were able to equip premium signatures they didn’t buy.
• Fixed the “Hammer of Thor” Granade Launcher stats. Now it stays in line with other R-Sys Sabretooth GLs.
• Fixed the Tank, Thunder and Quake Gear Packs - now they correctly decrease the taken melee damage.
• Fixed the bug with the wrong amount of gained experience in chat after completing job or mission.
• Fixed the bug with the Terminator class – the ability AUG now have correct description and effect.
• Fixed the bug with the Pyrotech class – now it has correct level of Betadyne Amplifex boost levels for highest ranks of the class.
• Changed the ability AUG for the Death Dealer class – how he has Enhanced Endurance ability AUG instead of Liquid Armor ability AUG.
• Fixed the Shock Grenade description for the Kamikaze class.

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