Product Update - Valve
Dec 16, 2011

Critical Fixes:
+ ** Fixed known empty fleet issues caused by orphaned battle riders not being removed. **
+ Fixed crash due to module instance count not matching actual module count.
+ Fixed the crash caused by selecting fleets while in the province edit mode.
+ Fixed the crash caused by multiple special encounters (for instance System Killer and Asteroid Monitor) at the same system.
+ Fixed the reported colony update crash.
+ Fixed the reported System Killer crash.
+ Fixed a crash caused by bad data in certain turn events.
+ Fixed a crash that could be caused by transferring a battle rider to reserves.
+ Fixed the crash caused by a colonization fleet being destroyed just prior to the appearance of the Colony Self-Sufficient dialog.
+ Fixed a potential crash that could be caused by removal of collision from dying objects.
+ Fixed a crash that could be caused by not having enough admirals for starting fleets.
+ Fixed planetary missiles not firing.
+ Fixed numerous known issues with fleet pathing.
+ Fixed a bug where a different station would be upgraded than the one selected.

Other Fixes:
+ Fixed known issues with Battle Cruisers.
+ Fixed an issue where detonating weapons were not selecting the correct targets.
+ Fixed known issues with lagging PD target tracking and PD target selection.
+ Improved general target leading in combat.
+ Increased turret tracking speeds in general.
+ Fixed an issue where multi-volley weapon firing sequences were being timed incorrectly.
+ Fixed an issue where drones were not firing their targets.
+ Disabling a Command Monitor or its turrets now forces a neutral state to eliminate unwanted combat.
+ Fixed an issue where battle riders were launching in the design screen.
+ Fixed known issues with the Combat HUD showing incorrect information for multiple ship selections.
+ Fixed an issue that was causing jitter from ships in formation flying around planets in overthrust mode.
+ Immigration slider is now hidden until until the correct technology is available.
+ Fixed an issue where disruptors were not disabling turrets.
+ Fixed a few smaller issues with Protean placement.
+ Fixed the issue where battle riders were not being provided with default ships.
+ Fixed the missing Siege Driver impact effect.
+ Fixed many localization typos.
+ Fixed known turret arc issues.
+ Fixed some material issues on various Human faction models.
+ Fixed an issue where stance changes were being erroneously applied to battle riders and stations.
+ Fixed bug where player was being charged for civilian built mining station.
+ Fixed bug where enemy fleets would show up in phantom fleet widget when turn is ended.
+ Rewrote turn transition interface flow to more accurately represent turn processing time.
+ Removed scrim from GUI loading lockout, which may eliminate the rare reports of being stuck on a screen forever.
+ Fixed bug where tooltips would be one line no matter how long they where.
+ Fixed known issues with variable weapons in the weapon test screen.
+ Fixed known issues where Drone carriers were not attaching drones.
+ Fixed known issue where meteors could not be destroyed.
+ Fixed an issue where weapon recharge times were double the intended value.
+ Fixed bug with Zuul where all civilians where being considered as slaves
+ Updated colony UI to properly represent slave vs civilian population.
+ Fixed a bug where a player's own colonies could be misinterpreted as being out of sensor range.

Other Changes:
+ Added new Double Helix star map.
+ Introduced combat AI surround and flank behaviors.
+ Adjusted some tech costs.
+ Made improvements to the research screen.
+ Tutorial pop-ups for Research and Starmap updated to reflect changes.
+ Added border and background to star map fleet and planet lists.
+ Planet orbital position changes have been disabled.
+ Asteroid Monitor special projects have been added.
+ Colonies will now launch heavy missiles if the population is high enough.
+ Introduced corrosive ship damage from weapons.
+ Added a better visual effect for ships being disrupted by EMP.
+ Improved strategic AI capabilities.

Key Known Issues:
*** This update breaks old save games. ***
- Tempest Array weapons are not firing.
- Some star systems have anomalous moon orbits.
- System Killer auto resolve is not producing results.
- Tarkas and Zuul Dreadnoughts have various turret arc corrections still to be made.

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