Product Update - Valve
Nov 28, 2011
Trine 2 Beta 6th update 28 November 2011 (v1.04):


- added preliminary support for SLI graphics cards
- fixed crash related to the High Rise Achievement
- fixed conjured objects sometimes not falling until touched if framerate low
- fixed goblins to climb over their frozen brethren
- fixed animations related to bouncing on mushrooms etc
- fixed projectiles and hatches (so projectiles don't collide with hatches if they're down)
- fixed black flashes on Mac
- fixed various Mac crashes
- fixed save slot selection issues
- fixed Unlimited mode singleplayer interface issues


- added support for custom nicknames in multiplayer
- added individual mouse pointers for co-op players in the pre-menu
- fixed multiple keyboards and mice support in many ways (kb & mouse pairings, menu fixes, general)
- fixed chat key repeat (now possible to hold down a key properly)
- fixed chat not being closed with enter if nothing was written
- fixed Knight's Charge sync in multiplayer
- fixed Wizard's floating animation in multiplayer
- fixed a client being stuck in the loading screen in certain cases
- fixed the skill upgrade menu error message for clients, which caused the menu not being closed after that


- added specific hint messages for keyboard and mouse
- added 3D options tooltip to Visual Settings menu
- fixed gamepad navigation for host game menu and controller config menu
- fixed Wizard's floating grab cursor for mouse
- fixed gamepad controls and poem chests' incorrect instruction to use ESC instead of Start button
- tweaked Stereo 3D (NVIDIA 3D Vision) settings and made them saveable
- tweaked the drop down menu selection logic (no scroll images if nothing to scroll)
- changed the tooltip for levers to include "left" and "right" keys
- changed Push to Talk button to R for Mac too

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