Product Update - Valve
Nov 3, 2011
Updates to Dota 2 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

  • Added Dragon Knight and Omniknight!
  • Chen: Fixed Holy Persuasion not removing buffs from the converted creep
  • Chen: Fixed Hand of God working on dead heroes
  • Huskar: Fixed not attacking his target right after Life Break.
  • Batrider: Fixed Firefly being purge-able.
  • Batrider: Fixed Sticky Napalm working on ancients.
  • Storm Spirit: Fixed an exploit with Ball Lightning that could cause you to kill enemy units from your fountain.
  • Storm Spirit: Fixed Ball Lightning's stopping a little too early when almost out of mana
  • Huskar: Fixed the first tick of Berserker's Blood requiring you to be hurt.
  • Riki: Fixed the Backstab sound sometimes playing when it wasn't proccing.
  • Sniper: Fixed Assassinate reveal debuff never disappearing if the target dodges it with a blink.
  • Kunkka: Fixed X Marks The Spot teleporting you back if you buyback while the spell is still active.
  • Jakiro: Fixed Dual Breath not being target-able on units directly.
  • Queen of Pain: Fixed Sonic Wave not being target-able on units directly
  • Batrider: Fixed Sticky Napalm not temporarily revealing the area.
  • Batrider: Fixed Flaming Lasso not ending when Batrider dies.
  • Zeus: Fixed a bug with spamming Arc Lightning quickly while there is another one still bouncing (only happens for very large amount of units).
  • Skeleton King: Fixed loss of vision while reincarnating.
  • Added missing Flail and Stun animations for Kunkka.

  • Enabled Huskar, Batrider and Jakrio for Captains Mode
  • Massive server performance improvements.
  • Fixed vision range on Siege units.
  • Fixed bounty values on Siege units.
  • Added Legacy keys for new heroes
  • Fixed attack damage for Centaur Outrunner
  • Fixed limited life units (like Necronomicon units) having dramatically more duration when converted by Helm of the Dominator.
  • Fixed backdoor protection turning off when dominated units are nearby
  • Fixed legacy keys not working properly for a few of the recent heroes
  • Only allow one commendation/report per person.

  • Added a separate matchmaking pool for players who have repeatedly left games. Note: Any party that contains a player matchmaking in this pool will cause the entire party to match-make in this pool.
  • Fixed Captain's Mode pick timer getting reset during the 2 hero pick phases once a player does the first selection.
  • Fixed Captain's Mode random (when out of time) being able to selected heroes not enabled for CM.
  • Added two spectator hot keys for controlling the replay speed (- and =).
  • Double-hitting the "select all other units" hot key will now add your hero to your selection
  • Game lobby leaders can now kick players out of the lobby.
  • You will now be notified when you are kicked from a game lobby or party.

  • Made bots a bit more wary of taking damage when defending a teammate.
  • Bots will no longer back off as much when defending the Ancient or Barracks.
  • Made bots (and particularly carries) want to farm a bit more mid-game.
  • Fixed bug where bots were considering dead enemies in their Push Tower desire.
  • Decreased the bots' desire to go back to base to retrieve cheap non-TP items.
  • Increased the bots' desire to visit the secret shop as they accumulate money.

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