Product Update - Valve
Oct 27, 2011
Updates to Memoir '44 Online have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Memoir '44 Online 1.2 - What's new?

Player Search: we've added a search field just above the Players list.
Just type a few letters of the player's name you're looking for to immediately filter out everyone else in the list.

Private messaging: simply type /pm @Joe your_message and your_message will be sent to Joe privately. Messages that are intended for you will appear in red in the dialog zone. If the person you are trying to pm has a complicated screen name, you may use auto-complete to type his name:
Simply type @ followed by the first letters of your friend's screen name and press the CTRL and SPACE keys simultaneously. The rest of that person's screen name will appear automatically. Pressing CTRL-SPACE again to cycle through all the possible matches for the entered prefix.

Battle Action Replay: go to the game Web site to replay your battles.
Simply click on the name of a battle in your Career History at This will take you to the battle's details with an interactive map which lets you to replay the whole battle turn by turn! You will see the cards of both players, their moves, battles and dice rolled, the losses and medals gained, etc. for each turn of the game!

Two New Achievements: we released two new Achievements dedicated to the terrible "Meat Grinder" battle. Win this battle from the Allies side to receive the "Flag of our fathers" Achievement, and win it from the Axis side to earn the "Letters from Iwo Jima" one.

Other Improvements: as always with each release, we also fixed a number of bugs and performed a few optimizations. Here is the complete list:

- [Lobby] search players by name
- [Lobby] Added /pm command to the chat for Private messaging
- [Lobby] Added user name auto-completion to chat using the Ctrl Space keys
- [Tutorial] it is now possible to pause the video
- [Tutorial] renamed clearly the Skip button into Skip Tutorial, so that beginners know what they are doing
- [Briefing] added links to the rules book(s) of the board game
- [Achievement] Flag of our fathers
- [Achievement] Letters from Iwo Jima
- Can now display lots of Achievements in the Officer Career screen
- Fixed server slows down under heavy load
- Fixed server deadlock
- [Rules] In Rzhev, dragging the first card to the board rather than to the commissar should not freeze the game
- Fixed Infantry Assault in fallback activation issue
- [Frozen river] winning the game thanks to a frozen river could freeze the client
- [Expert] now supports Allies on top / Axis at the bottom
- [Expert] Fixed a crash when loading Expert scenario with a Rail and Road crossing
- [Client] limit the size of the log files
- [Steam] overlay supports switching between windowed mode and full-screen mode
- [Steam] Achievements are now synchronized to Valve's servers
- [Medals] Fix : Losing a medal in the last action should could the loser's number of medals
- [UI] Login view now only displays two buttons : Login with Steam, and Login using DoW account

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