Product Update - Valve
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= Changes to 1.02 to 1.03
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* New Features
- Added mountain pass between Kai and Shinano
- Console command: "mapautosave " will save a image of the map on each autosave in the screenshots folder
- When granting a ronin landed titles he will take his retinue units with him

* AI
- Fixed that sometimes the battles between the AI armies were stalling
- AI better at deciding to start civil war
- AI better at taking decisions
- AI plot tweaks
- AI can invite civil war opponents to join their clan
- AI Plotters now saves money to afford a war before executing the plot
- AI can now accept new vassals into it's clan
- Tweaked AI accept peace
- If a AI character have few male children (less than 3) fertility is prioritized when looking for a wife
- AI will not arrange betrothal if age difference is more than 5 years
- AI will no longer constantly raise and disband levies

* Gamebalance
- AI Less likely to form clan when weak
- Large clans will try to keep higher honor
- Balanced what is viewed as honor safe (less than high honor is viewed as unsafe)
- The male fertility decreases faster the more alive children he has
- Same ronin should not come back as often
- No longer possible to plot to attack rebels
- Vassal dislike events should not happen as often and requires that the liege is at war
- Vassal asking for kokujin title should not happen as often

* Interface Improvements
- Grant title from province view
- Selection view provides info on who is son/daughter/heir and job titles
- Replaced "sort by clan" in marriage finder with "sort by tier"
- Spouse alignment in dynastic view has been modified
- Portrait in diplomacy view should update correctly when a characters becomes an adult
- Shows a Seppuku end screen when player dies from low honor
- Siege view will show effective martial for attacker
- Hides super clan shield in dynastic view for Ronins
- Character browser will remember scrollbar alignment and sort order
- You can no longer choose to go to location for Ronins or open diplomatic view
- Dynastic view displays if the character is a ronin
- Grant interface in province view will display if you have promised a character a kokujin title
- "Send Gift" interaction displays the Honor gain

************************************************** ********
* UserModding
************************************************** ********
- Mode name is now displayed in version label
- Fixed mod path for defines.lua

* Bugfixes
- Masters of court now return when a building is finished, instead of the day after
- Fixed "Wrong army name is displayed if other armies are in the province"
- Setting "All dynasty Members" in the outliner should no longer disable all messages
- You can now rename armies
- You no longer pay extra from joining a plot if you start moving troops directly after replying
- The same plot cannot be exposed multiple times
- Fixed problem with dead character leading a army
- Fixed "No females with names staring with letters after K"
- Character stats should match those on selection screen
- Message Rules saved when quiting
- Claiming shoguninformation should be loaded correctly from save file
- A dead character should not be able to keep claiming the shogunate title
- Removed dead leaders from armies
- Fixed granting daimyo titles to people with max demesne size
- Progression update correctly when an construction time effect is triggered
- Fixed Event "I have fulfilled my promise" gives negative relation
- Fixed Vassals who asked kokujin/daimyo titles won't accept them when offered
- Fixed Construction ahead and behind scedule
- Fixed exposed plot
- AI will no longer spam move, cancel, move, cancel, ... (bug was introduced in 1.2)
- Fixed right portrait tooltip in diplomacy view
- Fixed a bug that caused the AI to marry no one while he had a child that only had a betrothal
- Corrected text for event option B when vassal asks for Daimyo title (was the same as option A)
- Civil war clans will no longer be able subjugate
- Fixed Incorrect succession (will no longer look at female line)
- Spouse bonuses should update correctly when a wife dies
- Fixed that you could get "Child Has No Spouse Alert" when child had betrothal
- Fixed Isshiki Yoshinao present as a vassal of Isshik leaderi in 1551
- Fixed siege stalling tooltip
- Remembers wars when break-away win in a civil war
- Liege giving out titles event is recieved from the correct person
- Fixed civil war bug where the two sides got the same clan name
- Legacy graphics terrain should now look as intented
- Fixed retinue recruitment bug that made it possible to have several retinue units
- Fixed stable event localisation error
- Fixed some unit related CTD:s
- Fixed Ninja missions' predicted time of completion was way off
- Fixed bug that caused siege to show STALLING when the real status was STATUS QUO
- Reorganizing/merging units in a siege should no longer enable someone else to gain control of the siege
- Disabled shift-rightclick menu (was not suppose to be enabled)
- Fixed incorrect names in Regent Notification
- Fixed bug related to AI handing out daimyo titles
- Fixed leaving religion on clan leader death
- Fixed character having spouses while in a betrothal
- Fixed The end screen not always showing
- No more character localized on the sea (PROV0)
- Fixed Unit survives battle with 0 strength
- Fixed lobby bug related to selecting a save game
- Fixed issues with the educational events
- Fixed tooltip for exposed plot in plot view
- Fixed a number of crests that where incorrect
- Shibita characters now have correct dynasty
- Daimyo of Kii no longer held by Hatakeyama in 1551 scenario
- Make sure characters are in the right dynasty when a civil war leader dies
- Execute plot that causes a join clan will no longer cost extra honor
- Corrected several wrong fathers for characters in the 1551 scenario
- If a Master stops with a construction (province improvement) to do something else in the same province, the construction will stall
- You should no longer lose all siege commanders when reloading a save
- A bunch of event related fixes

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