Product Update - Valve
Oct 17, 2011

- Many balancing, performance and stability improvements from “The Dark Lord” Add-on have been integrated.
- You can now zoom out further with the camera to get a greater overview of your dungeon.
- The “campaign” button in the main menu now always leads to the mission selection map and loads the last profile saved (campaign progress, skill and attribute points). Thereby, it is now easier to replay maps that have already been completed and to finish the remaining achievements there (to receive additional attribute and skill points).
- All single-player maps have been significantly overhauled, made more different from each other, given descriptions and provided with a greater number of heroes.
- The selection GUI for single-player games has been more clearly designed with filtering by dungeon level, the display of an overview map and the display of the starting resources.
- Most single-player maps have now been combined as adjustable maps. With this, the game mode (sandbox, soul survival, survival or amusement park) can be freely chosen for each of these maps before starting the game.
- When starting single-player maps with the game modes amusement park, survival and soul survival, Mr. Sidekick will now be stationed at different locations, relative to the throne room and difficult for heroes to reach.
- Goblins can now dig without always having to run back to the Dungeon Heart or Dungeon Lord – except for when they are mining gold. This allows the dungeon to be dug faster.
- Goblins now fill up equipment chambers with every single stroke of the hammer and no longer flee in panic when a hero uses the equipment chamber’s interaction gimmick. This allows equipment chambers to be restocked quicker.
- After heroes are completely satisfied, they will now wander through the dungeon and admire prestige gimmicks for another 30 seconds, in order to give the player more time for the “harvest”.
- The Dungeon Lord’s mana regeneration rate has been accelerated considerably.
- Distribution of random decorative stones in the unexcavated area of the dungeon (except for gold veins).
- Improved spec shader in all dungeon levels.
- Offsetting distinctly improved in the entire dungeon for greater differences in height.
- Display of blood on the ground as well as memory leak with the display of blood have been fixed.
- Higher-performance animation system built in.
- Improved audio manager built in.
- Mod integration and map editor improved.

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