Product Update - Valve
2011. szept. 6.
  • FIXED: Game not correctly processing some right clicking mouse clicks.
  • FIXED: Lag due to blood splatters.
  • FIXED: Dual wielding was not working, in particular the last skill.
  • FIXED: Shield bearer skills were not correctly granting passive attributes.
  • FIXED: A number of screwed up achievements in the "skill set" categories.
  • FIXED: Warrior health (and other things) were not being calculated correctly.
  • FIXED: various spells not working due to having incorrectly set sight buffs.
  • FIXED: primary skill buffs were not passing their bonuses through to secondary skill calculations.
  • FIXED: Item duplication bug when hitting "0".
  • FIXED: incorrect item values for Cybertronic Amulet.
  • FIXED: incorrect item values for Dark Orb.
  • FIXED: being able to save and quit the game after your death.
  • FIXED: nightmare curse not actually putting monsters to sleep (or correctly triggering the DOT)
  • FIXED: narcosomantic induction not always putting monsters to sleep.
  • FIXED: SHIFT-Click mode, when turned on, doesn’t correctly handle SHIFT-Clicking as regular clicking.
  • FIXED: unliving walls do not become permanent blockers after saving and re-loading the game.
  • FIXED: stacked necronomiconomics penalties prevent the player from disabling his other buffs.
  • FIXED: right-clicking, off turn, causes left-clicking behaviours..
  • FIXED: infinitely long Diggle health bars.
  • FIXED: monsters not dying when affected by buffs that reduce their HP (acid burn, etc.)
  • FIXED: monsters who are stunned or asleep can no longer dodge, block, or counter-attack.
  • FIXED: blank pedestal spawning in the Tomb of the Unknown Hero.
  • FIXED: certain weapon powers from Krong never activated
  • FIXED: various ways in which the player could abuse the shopping system
  • FIXED: some items becoming stackable after you put them in crafting tools.
  • FIXED: potion stacking stops working after you save, reload, and put it in a craft tool.
  • FIXED: vampirism causing haywire (or crit buffs); normal spellcasting NOT haywiring
  • FIXED: bad text in wand, potions tutorials
  • FIXED: KRONG text no longer mentions crafting skill
  • FIXED: starting part of Monster Zoo music wasn't playing
  • FIXED: This Translation Is All Wrong! wasn't clearing damage effects on weapons, causing massive damage stacks
  • FIXED: a number of spells were not correctly applying blasting damage (Thor's Fulminaric Bolt, for instance.)
  • FIXED: Vampires are no longer told to "eat food to regain health."
    (Now they must dreeenk blaht.)
  • FIXED: double "bad weapon" penalties.
  • FIXED: a bunch of monster inheritance issues.
  • FIXED: crash on fullscreen with OS X 10.7
  • FIXED: crash while SHIFT-clicking with an object that you have just auto-looted, with auto-loot enabled.
  • FIXED: various other issues with the auto-loot.
  • FIXED: Various issues with WASD move-to-open.
  • FIXED: Lutefisk cube behaviour is now consistent with regards to stacks versus individual units.
  • FIXED: game crash when using non-standard characters in character names.
  • FIXED: empty tiles appearing in room definitions.
  • FIXED: dual wield and counter chance..
  • FIXED: mysteriously appearing broken doors.
  • FIXED: buffs that cannot be dismissed.
  • FIXED: auto-looting for lockpicks.
  • FIXED: multiple on-hit triggers on corpses.
  • FIXED: items get deleted when clicking in inventory and holding down CTRL.
  • FIXED: don't let the game run in resolutions with y resolution < 600.
  • FIXED: Dying at the hands of Lord Dredmor no longer gives you the "Thrusty" achievement.
  • FIXED: the Thrusty achievement now works.
  • FIXED: Mark of Chthon and Magic Steel now correctly buff in a way that scales with magic power.
  • FIXED: traps triggered by monsters applying buffs to the players.
  • FIXED: pets give you XP when you kill them.
  • FIXED: curses on monster stacks cause madness.
  • FIXED: game launcher uses 100% CPU
  • FIXED: Fine Bronze Cuirass has incorrect stats.
  • FIXED: issues with ALT-TAB and SDL causing certain things (quicksell, stack split) to stop working after leaving and returning to the game.
  • FIXED: bolt recovery now works for crossbow users on all hits, not just death.
  • FIXED: thrown item recovery now works for all thrown items on all hits, not just death.
  • NERF: Using a wand now disables invisibility effects.
  • NERF: The Obvious Fireball has been Nerfed more obviously than the last un-obvious Nerf.
  • NERF: This Translation Is All Wrong! now enacts a Terrible Price.
    Also, we got to make another Marcus Brody joke.
  • NERF: added some more resistances throughout levels to require you to use at least two spells to beat the game.
  • NERF: Hand of Belimawr is no longer stackable.
  • NERF: Alchemy, in various small, cruel ways.
  • NERF: "This Translation is All Wrong" saps magic from items, occasionally.
  • BUFF: Psionics gets magic resistance.
  • GAMEPLAY: Nerfed, then buffed, Vampirism. It's sort of about the same, really.
  • GAMEPLAY: More fire resistance on Level 9 monsters.
  • GAMEPLAY: Black Pearls can now be ground into chalk. Interestingly, this is not a flight of fancy but is based on Science.
  • GAMEPLAY: Heavy armour gives greater magic penalties, but offers more piercing resistance.
  • GAMEPLAY: Heavy armour also reduces nimbleness.
  • GAMEPLAY: the Jingly Jangly Staff of Crystals now requires alchemy instead of smithing.
  • GAMEPLAY: Lutefisk balancing changes.
  • GAMEPLAY: Tinkerers can now make Black Powder.
  • GAMEPLAY: Robots now do electrical damage. Because, you know, they're robots.
  • GAMEPLAY: Blobbies now leave Acid Pools.
  • UI: Kill the Tutorial Pop-up at the start of the game if you've seen it once.
  • Monsters have an expanded vocabulary.
  • The Bony Wand is now not quite as awful.
  • Lord Dredmor is now nastier.
  • Added a new, fun monster to Level 10.
  • Added craftable thrown weapons.
  • Added slightly more informative vending machine tool text.
  • Game renders all text using UTF-8 internally, for the Japanese Translation teams. (Ganbatte!)
  • Upped Pyrokinesis damage.
  • Made acid traps marginally less deadly.
  • Fixed zorkmid scaling drop rate.
  • Changed graveyard text so people no longer think their scores are negative.
  • Weapon and armour stats have been given some more love.
  • Elven Ingot Grinder is now affected by alchemy, not smithing or tinkering.
  • Alchemists now start with an Ingot Grinder, giving them more rubbish than any other class.
  • Adjacent monsters now display health bars consistently.
  • Trap outlines are now drawn on top of walls when they are obscured.
  • ALT-click will now split stacks in the inventory.
  • Added a new minimap interface, and some minimap icons for Lutefisk Shrines, quest statues, Anvils, etc.
  • Added some more rooms of Fun.
  • Added some rings and amulets that give Necromantic Resistance, for those days when you need Necromantic Resistance.
  • Pet AI improvements; your Moustache Golem now longer has the intelligence of a protozoa. (We're now at "easily frightened wombat")
  • Added more achievements.
  • New throwing item recipes.
  • Added a reward for clearing a Monster Zoo.
  • Autoloot toggle moved to config screen.
  • Added "DIGEST" button for automatic digestion of foods.
  • New "Random Skills" icon.

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