Product Update - Valve
2. sep. 2011
Supergiant Games has released a new update for Bastion, addressing several issues reported by players and adding compatibility for other foreign-language translations. This update will be applied automatically when players restart their Steam client. The change list includes:
  • Fixed an issue that caused Secret Skills to sometimes become unselectable after successive play-throughs of the game.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Man-at-Arms achievement not to unlock when expected.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause weapon upgrades of the same tier to both become selected in the Forge.
  • Fixed an issue causing Bastion.exe to not exit cleanly as intended.
  • Added custom language support for alphabets based on Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic, in support of requests for player-created text translations to other languages. To add a custom language to the game, follow these steps:
    • Determine the two-letter language code according to ISO 639-1

      List of ISO 639-1 codes

      e.g. Portuguese = pt, Russian = ru, Polish = pl

      The following example is for creating a Russian (ru) translation.
    • Navigate to Steam\steamapps\common\bastion\Content\Game\Text, and make a copy of HelpText.en.xml called
    • Translate the text in from English to Russian. At the top of the file, make sure the line reads:
    • Create a folder in Steam\steamapps\common\bastion\Content\Subtitles\ru
    • Copy over the files in Steam\steamapps\common\bastion\Content\Subtitles\en, and translate them.
    • Launch the game with '-lang ru' Launch Options

      (for Launch option instructions: click here)
For more information on Bastion technical support, visit the support FAQ topic in the Steam forum.

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