Product Update - Valve
2011. júl. 19.
  • Fixed: crash that occurred when moving up stairs or down stairs, involving summoned pets
  • Fixed: shopkeepers doing odd things when picking up and dropping items after load/save, including crashing.
  • Fixed: crash when using invalid missile sprites, which probably never happens, but oh well.
  • Fixed: crash that just sort of happened randomly to a bunch of people, but it's fixed now.
  • Fixed: merchandise flag not cleared when you go downstairs
  • Fixed: backwards conditional logic on ranged monster attacks means that monsters were not consistently casting spells; fixing this makes the Dungeon 95.2% nastier.
  • Fixed: Current Active Skill crossing over between new games
  • Fixed: small sconce appearing where a small sconce should not appear in the bath level
  • Fixed: knightly leap now operates in all correct chess positions.
  • Fixed: shops spilling out of their rooms.
  • Fixed: broken berserk description.
  • Fixed: negative resistances meant that a monster would always damage you for that amount
  • Fixed: ranged weapon resistances were operating using percentages, not flat values
  • Fixed: perception skill should not promise that you can see through walls when, in fact, it will not let you see through walls.
  • Fixed: doors with wrong orientation connecting rooms.
  • Fixed: Anvils of Krong spawning in hallways for no good reason
  • Fixed: crash when killing Brax and then going back to loot the store.
  • Fixed: auto-fill eats items if you have multiples.
  • Fixed: BBQs/minifridges now maintain state across saved games.
  • Fixed: Staff of fruit stops producing fruit after you use it on an Anvil of Krong.
  • Fixed: contents of Monster Zoo are still visible even after closing a door.
  • Fixed: Dread Collectors (and probably some other stuff) spawning in walls.
  • Tweaked values of Berserk skill.
  • Tweaked "Duck and Cover" armour values.
  • Tweaked Perception to be more useful.
  • Nerfed "Obvious Fireball." Obviously.
  • Reduced Dread Collector Spawn Rate a notch.
  • Ammo recovery rates for thrown weaponry and crossbow bolts now much higher.
  • A lot more filthy, awful tweaking.
  • Permadeath now deletes your save game files on your death, as opposed to when you load the game.
  • Added, and clarified, the warning text on the "Just Quit" button.
  • Added toggle that reverses behaviour of CLICK and SHIFT-CLICK on items.
  • Added the Auto-Looter 9000, by BraxCo.
  • Added yet more warning text to the "Just Quit" button.
  • Added automatic save support; the game will now automatically save before going up and down stairs. (Note: your autosave will be deleted if you die in the case of permadeath; the auto-save is also only accessible if Crash Recovery Mode is active.)
  • Added support for total music disabling (via Steam parameter "-nomusic".)
  • Added fifty-three new achievements.
  • Added some new crafting stuff.
  • Added steak grilling.
  • Added interface for key configuration.
  • Added a Quick Sell interface for rapidly selling your loot to Brax.
  • Added a credit for (Thanks!)
  • Rewrote the save game format so we can add items without breaking everything.
  • Steam Overlay now works; run the game with "-opengl" as a parameter in the Steam Advanced settings to try this. (This is experimental.)
  • WASD can now open doors and attack monsters. This is a toggleable behaviour.
  • Smooth scaling is now saved between playthroughs.
  • Added an XML based, human-readable configuration file to hold all the new options.
  • Fun with Aqua Vitae.

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