Client Update - Valve
Jan 10, 2011
A Steam client update is now available. To apply the update, click the File menu inside of Steam and then select "Check for Steam Client Updates...". The specific changes include:

  • Made various improvements to Recommendations:
    • Made some general improvements to the algorithm to make "Similar Items" a little more similar
    • Changed primary source for generated recommendations to be recent playtime rather than recent purchases, prioritizing "new to you" games (ie, games where your recent playtime makes up the bulk of your total playtime for that game)
    • Fixed DLC recommendations showing for games you haven't really played yet
    • Games you've recommended will now be shown on your community profile page
    • Fixed friend recommendations for free games you haven't yet played to show on your recommended page just like friend recommendations for games you don't own.
    • Added links to the new "Friend Activity" page to the store homepage and community home panel.
  • Added Turkish translation to the Steam client
  • [Windows] Chinese, Japanese, and Korean typing support in the in-game overlay, for some games
  • Fixed a case where a hyperlink in chat could take you to a player’s profile instead
  • Fixed community opening to your profile instead of the blotter when community is your favorite window (thanks Sir_Brizz!)
  • Improved Matchmaking function performance
  • Fixed starting game executables with very long command line parameters (>255 characters)
  • Fixed keyboard navigation in menus
  • [Mac OSX] Overlay improved (works with Farming Simulator) and fixed an OpenGL state bug
  • [Mac OSX] Implemented Minimize Cmd-M menu command.
  • [Mac OSX] Improved Cmd-W to be more reliable
  • Fix games not launching after resolving a Cloud conflict
  • [Mac OSX] Fix layout on file open dialog when adding a non-Steam game
  • Fix layout on server browser dialog
  • Removed code for the now-ended Civilization V charity promotion
  • [Mac OS X] Fixed cursor not showing up in game overlay on some games
  • [Mac OS X] Dock Icon will not persistently bounce once it has a badge with a count of pending IMs.
  • Fixed Steam not remembering Cloud settings in certain situations.

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