Announcement - Valve
17 grudnia 2010
Lunar Giant Games announces their first annual Child’s Play
video game sale fundraiser. From December 17 through the 18th, Lunar
Giant will donate all proceeds from Delve Deeper on Steam to
Child’s Play Charity, a community based charity that donates
“toys, games, books and cash [to] sick kids in children’s
hospitals across North America and the world.”

Get a great game and donate to a great cause all at once.

About Delve Deeper
Delve Deeper is a turn-based Adventure/Strategy game that combines HD
pixel art, tile placement, and RPG elements in a bright and humorous
atmosphere. Up to four players take command of Dwarf mining teams in
this fast and furious dungeon adventure meets devious puzzler,
building the map as you play for an ever-changing, endlessly
replayable strategy experience for you and your three best friends, or
three devious AI teams.

It can be purchased on Steam here:

About Lunar Giant Studios
An independent game company from Batavia, Illinois, Lunar Giant
Studios is committed to building ambitious, solidly designed and
professionally drawn games with a retro-gaming flair.

If you’d like to donate directly to Child’s Play Charity,

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