Product Update - Valve
6. pro. 2010
Configure controls by manipulating buttonmap.cfg in the install directory. THESE SETTINGS ONLY AFFECT MEATBOY & FRIENDS CONTROLS, NO MENUS OR ANYTHING. We will not allow customization of menu controls.

Common Non-Alphabetic keys are: "up", "down", "left", "right", "shift", "rshift", "space", "control", "rcontrol".
Gamepads allow you to just change Special and Jump buttons. They are denoted by numbers of the buttons, which you can find in the windows gamepad panel in Control Panel. Example, on the Xbox controller the button numbers are A=1 B=2 X=3 Y=4.
There is a value there for using the Analog stick as a POV hat, this has always been enabled by default, but if you are still experiencing trouble, set this to "false"
There is a backup file of the buttonmap.cfg in case you mess up the config.

Fixed a problem where some users were experiencing crazy volumes on startup. These now will always range from 0 to 100.
Fixed several leadboards display problems Fixed a problem with sound drivers not initializing correctly.
Fixed Achievements for Warpzones (OldSchool, Retro Rampage, etc) were not awarding correctly.
Fixed Dead Boy achievement not awarding properly Fixed a save bug when unlocking a character from a warpzone that could mark the warpzone as completed, but not unlock the character Fixed a problem where slower computers were not allowing Meatboy to spawn in time to beat some levels (1-19x being the one most emailed about).

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