Product Update - Valve
Oct 19, 2005
Updates to Day of Defeat: Source and the Source Engine have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The specific changes include:

Source Engine
  • cl_predict is now treated as a cheat
  • Disallow the '%' character in names and the '#' character when at the start of a name
  • Removed debug cvar snd_mixvol

Day of Defeat Source
  • Added defense scoring bonus. Players now get a point for blocking an area cap that is over 50%, either by killing a player required for the capture, or by entering the capture area
  • Fixed an issue with players not respawning on round restart
  • Changed to new arm hitbox code - uses hitbox groups to swap between hitbox sets with and without arms. This will prevent shots to the chest area from hitting the target player's arms
  • Increased Thompson and MP40 melee attack rate to match knife/spade
  • Fixed situation where melee attacks weren't hitting target when they should have
  • Fixed accuracy on semi-auto and full-auto for bar and MP44 being swapped
  • Semi automatic is now more accurate than fully automatic
  • Darkened background of scoreboard to make it easier to read
  • K98 iron sights no longer re-zooms after a shot
  • Fixed rag doll pose when player went prone with Panzerschreck
  • Reduced maximum number of players on a server to 32
  • Fixed issue with bullet penetration wasn't happening correctly with displacements
  • Optimization related to grenade explosions
  • Network optimizations for player, player resource
  • Restrict which shaders are allowed to be applied to player models.
  • Fixed sniper rifle playing zoom out animation out if the player was not on the ground when they tried to zoom in ( e.g., falling off of a small ledge )
  • Friendly fire is now turned off for the bonus round. Be nice to your winning teammates
  • Crosshair scale setting is now saved across sessions
  • Added log event for tick points
  • Added log event for changeclass
  • Added log event for flag caps
  • Added log event for game over condition
  • Added damage, hitbox, weapon info to player_hurt event
  • Fixed log events for clan restart events
  • Added cvar mp_logdetail ( 0 = no damage logged, 1 = enemy damage, 2 = teammate damage, 3 = both )
  • Made input to voice menus all client side

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