Product Update - Valve
Oct 8, 2010
Updates to Making History II have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

New Features
  • Major changes to unit stacking
    • Land and sea units can now be moved around in regions by right clicking in the region
    • Right clicking on another controlled unit in a region will create a stack
    • Selecting a unit in a stack and right clicking elsewhere in the region will remove it rom the stack and move it
    • Air units will continue to stack on the airbase in a region
  • Add new "Repair All" nation property
    • When set to true on the Military Status panel all damaged units will attempt to repair each turn
    • Default behavior is "On"
    • Newly created units will now default to repair "On"
  • Add ability to upgrade units from the unit list panels (land, air, sea, sub)
  • Added ability for player to set which model will be displayed for Unit Groups on the map
    • Clicking on a unit in the expanded unit group panel will set the display model
  • Improved startup time
  • Improved performance
  • Shrink memory footprint
  • Change to put saves separate from the game install so a reinstall of the game won't blow away save games
  • Updated Game Manual

Bug Fixes
  • Fix crash if game was started and waiting for an avatar with no nation
  • Fix rare crash bug when interacting with UI
  • Fixed an issue with reporting negative money from annexing
  • Fix annex booty bug
  • game was giving annexer their own stockpiles, not those of the annexed nation
  • Fix unit models not changing when they upgrade
  • Cancel AccessTicket if war is declared between the group and ticket nation
  • Cancel AccessTicket if group nation joins alliance at war with ticket nation and vice versa
  • Fix rare game stall when AccessTicket units are trying to go home
  • Fixed bug where if a human player didn't join when a multiplayer game was reloaded the AI didn't do anything for that nation
  • Fixed bug in mouse wheel handling that sometimes made it not seem to work
  • Added requirement that a unit be in supply to be able to upgrade
  • Fix bug in computing amount of collateral damage to do from engagements
  • Add non-zero weights for collateral damage to region improvements so damage will actually happen
  • When running a no turn timer multiplayer game on the web only suspend when no humans are connected
  • Scale down shots for units based on current health
  • Allow air units to rebase across enemy regions
  • Fixed bug with air unit combat values when they are on the defending side of an engagement
  • Fixed bug that would cause autosaves to reload with the turn ended but not ending
  • Fix for nation getting referenced and not going away after rebelling and getting conquered during a single end turn

  • Improved texturing on map
  • Lowered transparency of mapview layers for Supply
  • Fix issue with units being placed too near the borders of regions
  • Improve unit positions in mountains
  • Fixed a number of places where units and region improvements were overlapping cities
  • Add missing land defense column in Unit list page
  • Improved quality of decal and flag textures on the map
  • Adjusted text sizes in Financial panels
  • Fix display names for rivers
  • Adding sorting to the military report panels for air units, army units, naval units, sub units and world nations
  • Fix missing border between Jaghbub and Farafra
  • Suppress the display of the "Exit to Desktop" Main Menu option when started from web
  • Resized text on Region & City Selection Panels
  • Override ESCAPE key handling and only go to windowed mode if the game was launched from the web
  • Fixed sea regions not using all positions for unit groups
  • Fixed RC menu to only give set merge order option if unit groups are of the same branch and have the same controller
  • Don't offer RC option to bombard your own or your allies cities
  • Fixed bug that sometimes resulted in blank tooltips on units
  • Don't send a "unit destroyed" notification when a 1 use missile is used
  • Fix error in unit lists when displaying units on transports
  • Fix error in unit lists when displaying air units on carriers
  • Added notifications for city and research building damage from missile attacks
  • Added smoke animation to cities with damaged buildings
  • Add ability to decide whether newly produced units in a region will join existing unit groups or create new ones
  • Ocean shader tweak to fix decal and move arrow glitch at coast
  • Made all default build displays look like a normal goods order is queued
  • Changed region projects list to prevent icon from overlapping project name
  • Defaulted research tree zoom level to fullscreen
  • Stop sending collateral damage notifications to all nations
  • Make field for trade balance amount in Nation panel wider so it fits

  • Tune behavior of difficulty levels
  • Update relations behavior when nations declare war
  • Improve sea invasion behavior
  • Added more detail to trade responses, including check for embargoes by third party
  • Added AI reaction to ships it sent to interdict trade being sunk
  • Improved use of World Market to obtain resources needed for build orders
  • Fixed bug that caused AI not to build Textiles/Appliances/Autos as much as it should
  • Improve logic for sending air units to support engagements
  • Improve logic for sending air units to defend against bombing
  • Improved logic for deciding to build air units
  • Increased priority for building AA defenses
  • Improve logic for when to build specialty units (like Airborne Infantry, Carrier Planes)
  • Added a couple of strings for AI canceling an import agreement
  • Added TradeAI check for AI to cancel or reduce an import agreement if it has too much
  • Fix for research AI not always choosing best composition element to research
  • Add PathFind filter for navy to avoid enemies
  • Fix for AIPlanSeaInvasion switching compositions after a fleet was already in route (cause of AI Stall)

  • Added missing Historical Region claims for Libya
  • Modified some terrain types
  • Added upgrade tracks for most units
  • Balanced upgrade costs data
  • Fixed some research errors
  • Balanced artillery combat values
  • Fixed a number of incorrect unit display names
  • Fixed a number of duplicate unit display names
  • Tune IPU costs of submarines
  • Increased attack power of ShortRangeSubmarines
  • Removed DeepDefense from USSR completed research in LDOP
  • Updated initial completed research for LDOP
  • Added new model for Nuked city
  • Tuned escort ship properties to more clearly define their roles
  • Lots of cleanup in the Encyclopedia -
  • added maintenance cost to city and research buildings, added IPU cost to Units, reordered data to be consistent across categories
  • Gave Germany a VehiclePlant and an AircraftPlant in BFW
  • Gave Japan research for Early Tanks in LDOP
  • Gave Germany an AircraftPlant in TGQ
  • Add research to bring Germany/Italy/US/USSR up to BiPlanes in TGQ
  • Gave WarIndustries research to Germany and Japan in BFW
  • Gave InfantryWeapons3 research to Italy in LDOP
  • Changed Tripoli region location to Tripolitania
  • Fixed content to generally not give nations units they have not researched yet
  • Fixed data error that made Fish Products unprofitable (was not suppose to use oil, just food)
  • Tweak costs of carrier planes a little higher to separate from non-carrier planes
  • Fixes/balancing to air unit properties to more clearly distinguish roles
  • BFW
  • added research for Italy to produce EarlyFighter/Bomber
  • LDOP
  • backed up air units to not exceed starting research
  • Fixed default nation descriptions for BFW and LDOP (they were reversed)
  • Fix swapped properties for Light Carrier and Escort Carrier
  • Fixed display of nation names for nation lists
  • Allow user to choose location for saved games
  • Added beta testers to credits

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