Product Update - Valve
Oct 7, 2010
Updates to Supreme Commander 2 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

New Features

+ The Infinite Build Queue

In the launch version of Supreme Commander 2, you immediately paid for units and structures when queued. With this patch, you pay for units when construction starts. While it may sound like a simple change, it changes the way you play the game and manage your economy. It allows you to pre-plan your bases and unit queues beyond what you can afford with your resources at any given time during a game.

With this change, you need to more carefully manage the build statuses of your Engineers and factories, and be prepared to use manual pausing and unpausing, because the least expensive units or buildings queued always get priority. You'll also want to pay more attention to your incoming Mass and Energy reserves so you don't have builders sitting around waiting for resources.

The patch also adds automatic management of Engineers and Factory queues that are waiting for resources to become available. If you queue beyond what you can currently afford, units will automatically wait and continue production when resources become available.

Details as follows
  • We now show the rebuild bonus outline, even if you do not have the resources to build the item.
  • Added two new keybinds: Ctrl-Shift-P: Pauses all construction units, Ctrl-Shift-U: Unpauses all construction units.
  • When you pause an engineer or factory they will continue building whatever they are currently building (you already paid for it anyway), but will not start another build task until unpaused.
  • No more yellow outlines when building.
  • If they can afford the unit when the command is issued, they will pay for it right away and move to build.
  • If they cannot afford it when issued they will move to the build site and wait until they can afford it.

  • You can no longer see friend ranked lobbies in the Friends tab.
  • Fix for Illuminate air units not settling back into a formation after teleporting.
  • Factory addons no longer have a collision volume, to fix the issue where you cannot damage a factory because the projectiles are colliding with the addon, which takes no damage.
  • Fix for not being able to dock the protobrain.
  • Fix for Blank map being shown if a player plays a DLC game with one of the DLC maps and then tries to play a non-DLC game. Instead, we will defualt to the first map in the list.
  • Fix for some units not hitting the Seabed when sinking.
  • Fix for ACUs continuing to shoot when an attack is interrupted by a build/reclaim/capture/repair order.
  • Fix for ACUs losing the ability to attack if a reclaim order is interrupted as the ACU's build arm is being oriented.
  • Fix for the Cicada hiding enemy units from allied armies.
  • Fix for crash when trying to save a skirmish game.
  • Fix for instability issues discovered with the Noah, Ejected head.
  • Fix for refund amounts being incorrect if you Ctrl-K a factory that has a large amount of the same type of unit queued.
  • Fix for refund amount being incorrect if you removed chunks of units from the build queue via holding Ctrl or Shift and right clicking.

  • Shotja: Reduced Health to 800. Was 900. Reduced Turn Ratio to 90. Was 270. Weapon Turret rotation range reduced so that it can only fire in a narrow arc forward.
  • Loyalist: Reduced Build Time to 20. Was 21. Reduced Mass Cost to 40. Was 42.
  • Cybran Jump Jets: Reduced Land Jump Jets RP cost to 6. Was 7. Increased Land Jump Jet Range RP cost to 4. Was 3.
  • Research Convertor: Reduced Mass cost to 275. Was 300. Made Research Conversion ability cost 275 instead of 300.
  • Quantum Floating: Reduced Quantum Floating RP cost to 9.
  • Naval Jump Jets: Reduced range to 90. Was 110.

  • Adjusted when the AI builds extra mass convertors.
  • The AI will not build more than 1 proto brain on the DLC side, to match non-DLC.
  • Fix for AI Naval units sitting in base and not attacking.
  • Fix for some Guard base platoons getting stuck.
  • Fix for units being able to capture something they lost intel on.
  • Units that the AI knows are dead will be removed from the influence map to fix the case where an AI thinks there is a nearby threat when the only nearby threat is a unit slowly sinking.
  • Fix for AI building stuff in a player's starting location (for real this time) this will not stop an AI from building a Mass Extractor in the base, however.
  • Fix for AIs getting stuck because they have two bases that overlap each other.
  • Fix for AI scout platoons getting stuck on Seton's.
  • Fixed the neural net learning function so that it feeds the network forward before back propagating.
  • Fixed the AI's last stand distance for defensive points.
  • Updated AI neural net data.
  • Fix for mixed groups of air units having a portions of the units fail to attack when given a Form Attack order.
  • Fixed the AI handling of reclaimable mass around the base so that is uses the same search range as the task.
  • Fix for AI's getting stuck trying to clear an expansion base that an AI ally has already taken control of.
  • Platoon micro now prevents platoons from getting stuck while being shot to bits

Known Issues
  • Save games in Skirmish and Campaign from older versions will not function in version 1.23. Campaign progress unaffected.
  • Replays from older versions will not function in version 1.23

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